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Jazmine 06-23-2008 00:37

Hey now fraggle, you could have left me out of this story..

LogRoller 06-23-2008 00:38

you're missing a lot of nido's history with being a member of the dtm and cht and all of those role-playing care bear guys

dionysus 06-23-2008 00:39

and you're missing a lot of the gon pissing his pants part of the story.

nigafool 06-23-2008 00:44

can you guys stop not admiring gon in this thread

fraggle 06-23-2008 00:44

gon didn't piss his pants until UVA4 which i'm not up to yet, and this isn't a history of nido its a history of gon, and jazmine, why leave you out, you're a part of this!!

Jazmine 06-23-2008 00:47


DrSupey 06-23-2008 00:57

Pics of Caitlyn

PS: Gr8 thrad :)

fraggle 06-23-2008 01:01

Part III

[KoV]fraggle was making a name for himself in the community by calling people out on forums and starting trouble. fraggle enlisted the help of Nido to create some picture parodies for his threads, and Gon quickly aided the cause with his vast collection of penis pictures and technical know-how. Gon had recently downloaded the Anarchists Cookbook and was becoming quite the computer hacker. The three of them became fast friends, and when fraggle defected to the second coming of Tsunami, Nido and Gon quickly joined him there.

Around this time, a historic event in Gon's life happened: UVALAN3. For the first time in his life, Gon was entering the United States of America for a 2000 km trip from Sarnia, Ontario to Chantilly, Virginia with Michele, Ern, Caitlyn and their trusty Canadian Minivan, stocked full of perishables from Tim Horton's, and fueled by the finest engine grade maple syrup. Since Gon was only 16 at the time, the ruse of a family vacation was the only way he could convince his Amway-selling parents to venture 2000 km from the communal igloo.

At UVALAN3, Gon quickly met with and befriended fraggle, KoyCymru, and Guymelef. Gon was an odd boy, kind of quiet, a mumbler, but he mostly spoke in one liners, and they were typically amusing, much like his forum persona. Little did Gon know that his life would be in danger not once, but at least twice during the course of this epic gaming LAN.

(to be continued)

absent 06-23-2008 01:04

EviL ClOwnZProfessional Mortality TechnitionsEviL ClOwnZ are gay

Skyline 06-23-2008 01:16

JohnnyX 06-23-2008 01:16

this is probably the best thread I have ever read in my life

Gon i s amazing, and I've always wanted to know more about him

fraggle 06-23-2008 01:30

Part IV

At UVALAN3, Gon was minding his own business in the LAN room, playing in a public Tribes server, when the other players decided to vote him as the administrator of the server. In his first act as admin, Gon decided to ban some ****ing idiot named 12uff 12yda .e2. who had some retarded script that would voice spam whenever he grabbed or capped the flag. 12uff 12yda did not take well to being banned. In a bout of rage, 12uff 12yda scoured the LAN room yelling "WHERES GON!" "WHO THE **** IS GON!" at the top of his lungs. Young Gon sat still, and continued playing.

Eventually, 12uff 12yda approached Gon, and said to him "Are you ****ing GON?" Gon continued playing his game. 12uff 12yda, even more annoyed at being ignored, removed Gon's headphones and said "WHATS YOUR ****ING PROBLEM DUDE?" Gon glanced at 12uff 12yda, then continued playing his game. 12uff 12yda found this response unacceptable. 12uff 12yda turned off Gon's monitor, and said "SAY SOMETHING *******." Gon, as calm as a full moon on a warm summer's night, stared right up at 12uff 12yda and said "eat ****." 12uff 12yda, exasperated and in shock, yelled "WHAT DID YOU SAY????" Gon, without missing a beat, said "eat **** eat **** eat **** eat **** eat **** eat ****" and continued to repeat "eat ****" in his monotone robotic voice for approximately 2 minutes. fraggle approached 12uff 12yda and asked him if there was a problem, and 12uff 12yda finally gave up and ran off in a fit of rage. The LAN continued.

On the 2nd day of the LAN, Gon was hungry. Gon didn't have a car or a driver's license, so he decided to tag along with [KoV]Apothem, who was headed over to the local Wendy's franchise. This was not one of Gon's better ideas. Apothem, a known tweaker and pedophile, is not the best of drivers, and on unfamiliar roads, bad drivers become exponentially worse. On the way to Wendy's, Apothem jumped a curb into oncoming traffic and crushed a tire. Luckily, Gon survived this accident unscathed, and eventually managed to eat a Junior Bacon Cheeseburger. The LAN continued.

On the 3rd day of the LAN, Gon was returning to the LAN room from his Hotel room when fate intervened. An angry 12uff 12yda, simmering from his tournament team's earlier loss, caught Gon in the hotel lobby and pushed him into the phone booth area. Gon, calm and patient as always, just sort of stared at 12uff 12yda, waiting to see what he had in store for him. 12uff 12yda began yelling at Gon and threatening him, asking Gon if he felt so tough without his friends there to protect him, asking Gon why he wasn't so "chatty" in a 1 on 1 situation. As things were about to escalate, z2.bacardi, returning to the LAN room from his daily masturbatory session in the hotel room, discovered Gon being harassed by 12uff 12yda, and decided to get involved. Once again, 12uff 12yda ran off like a child, pointing his finger at Gon and saying something to the effect of "I'll get you yet, my pretty!!!" The LAN continued.

On the last day of the LAN, Caitlyn approached Gon in the hotel lobby, in clear view of Gon's new internet friends. Gon, enraged, told Caitlyn to go away and leave him alone! And she did. The LAN ended, and the 2000 km trek back to Sarnia, Ontario was largely uneventful.

(to be continued...)

nigafool 06-23-2008 01:32

what a great lan

Walking_Man 06-23-2008 01:34

I sure hope that dastardly 12uff12yda fellow gets what is coming to him!

DrSupey 06-23-2008 01:35

where is 12uff 12yda now???

fraggle 06-23-2008 01:35

after all the bad pub at uva3, 12uff 12yda went into hiding and changed his name to TSI

DrSupey 06-23-2008 01:36

where is TSI now???

absent 06-23-2008 01:37

(@naptown) i ran skyline out of the pod with my thug bit

KellyMonaco 06-23-2008 01:37


Originally Posted by Jazmine (Post 13363852)
Hey now fraggle, you could have left me out of this story..

Holy crap I didn't realize you were still around Jaz... :sunny:

Jazmine 06-23-2008 01:40

Still around occasionally. :wave:

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