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fraggle 06-23-2008 23:13

why so few comments about part 8 it was long as ****

Fancy Cat 06-23-2008 23:14

great thread btw eph

fraggle 06-23-2008 23:18

i still need to go into gon the poker years, gon 'losing his virginity', erngate, caitgate, gon graduating college and moving back into his parents house for a full year while doing absolutely nothing, then throwing in some throwback drunken gon stories

FireStorm! 06-23-2008 23:20

fraggle, that was the best post i've ever seen from you

well done, very..very well done

i applaud you

Megaera 06-23-2008 23:22

It has a good mix of comedy, drama and adventures. I love how you remember Glare back in the Lonewolf days. He had such an identity crisis it was hilarious, good times.

Spiderman 06-23-2008 23:26

im on the edge of my seat :]

Fancy Cat 06-23-2008 23:30

i don't want eph to ever make a thread about me because he will make me sound like a ***** who won't pee with him in public and has gay dudes serenade me

Falhawk 06-23-2008 23:32


fraggle 06-23-2008 23:47


Originally Posted by Fancy Cat (Post 13368023)
i don't want eph to ever make a thread about me because he will make me sound like a ***** who won't pee with him in public and has gay dudes serenade me

would i be lying

Fancy Cat 06-23-2008 23:56

well thats all the thread would contain so now you can't make it and i win

Radon006 06-24-2008 00:02


fraggle 06-24-2008 00:15

i could ghostwrite the fancy story and get scooby and akuma to collaborate with me. i'd include oj admitting to you that he killed nicole at a bar in colorado, scooby ****ing your girlfriends mom in the back of your car, etc.

Fancy Cat 06-24-2008 00:20

it wasn't my gfs mom and it wasn't my car. oj part was spot on.

FireStorm! 06-24-2008 00:23

fancy cop is gonna fly a plane into your ass

06-24-2008 00:41

Awesome Thread. Def TWHOF material right here. It's funny i remember some of this stuff being posted on the forums years ago.

FireStorm! 06-24-2008 01:31

ok i really want to catch up to present gon

hurry up please

nolt 06-24-2008 01:49

has anyone mentioned george cokie-snorting robot bush?

fraggle 06-24-2008 02:01

Part IX

When Gon returned to Carleton that Fall, he came to the stark realization that the Tribes Community as he knew it was no more, and that it was time to move on to a new game. Fueled by the poker craze, Gon began to play online poker with some friends he met on Dynamix IRC, namely JoeBooty, SweetBabyJ, marantz, Cavalier, and fraggle. They would collude in games on PokerStars and pool their earnings. When TribalWar decided to have a few 'community' poker tournaments, the group would still collude in those tournaments; and ended up with way more wins than losses in such events.

Due to fraggle's juvenile behavior, the group eventually broke, with marantz, the last hold out, finally stating to fraggle "you are a selfish and arrogant prick. you don't care about anybody but yourself. and gon." Gon began playing poker less and less, and focusing on his studies more and more.

One day in an applied psychology class, for the first time in his life, Gon spoke to a girl! Soon after they had sex, just once, and it wasn't great. Thus begins and ends the sex life of Gon to date.

With Gon set to graduate Carleton in a few months, he didn't seem to have any direction in his life, and the boredom of his online clique led fraggle to try to stir the pot a little. One day, fraggle called Gon's home number posing as a University Psychiatrist from Carleton, and spoke to Gon's father, Ernie. fraggle told Ernie that Gon was suffering from depression sparked by homoerotic thoughts, and let Ernie know that he was prescribing mood altering medication to Gon to help him cope with the pain. Ernie did not sound concerned, but thanked fraggle for the courtesy call.

When Gon found out about fraggle's 'little joke' he was not amused :shock: . Gon decided to cut all communications with the e-world and live as a hermit. To everyone's surprise, this did not bode well for Gon, and soon he was on internet speaking terms with all of his internet pals once again.

A few months passed, and Gabe decided it would be funny to call Gon's sister posing as Gon's boyfriend, stating that Gon had dumped him because he was afraid to come out of the closet. So Gabe called Caitlyn and cried to her on the phone for an hour. Caitlyn was very responsive and sympathetic to Gabe's plight. She understood that Gon had a problem expressing himself. After the call, Caitlyn let Gon know that "some creepy internet guy" had called her. Gon openly wondered if it was the "creepy internet guy" that had flown in from Edmonton to spend two weeks one summer in their house in Sarnia, but no, Caitlyn said, it was "some creepy internet guy claiming to be Gon's boyfriend." Gon was not amused :shock: .

When the time finally came for Gon to graduate, he had unfortunately failed a few low level courses and was forced to remain for an extra Summer Session.

(to be continued)

Jagonath 06-24-2008 02:28

Great stories. I especially like how you wrote yourself into them

fraggle 06-24-2008 02:30

you can't write the history of Gon w/o fraggle.

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