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james 06-23-2008 19:36


Originally Posted by cyanide (Post 13367006)
this thread is ****in filled with bull****

i was friends with gon first

i ****in named him hans and gave him the magic

i think you mean the MaGiCs???

Zlex 06-23-2008 19:37

Holy :lol:

Raven 06-23-2008 19:41

fraggle 06-23-2008 19:42

hey akuma i posted a disclaimer about uvalans4.

jerry 06-23-2008 19:44


Originally Posted by james (Post 13367106)
i think you mean the MaGiCs???

gon was hans way b4 magic

when i was about 11 i thought he was german because of his nick name

i asked if he ate hard boiled eggs

me and him were best pals

fraggle and nido totally came later!!

fraggle 06-23-2008 19:45

whatever jerry, i'm telling this story.

jerry 06-23-2008 19:46

get ****ed

Hoovie 06-23-2008 19:46

awww, little cyanide is jealous

how cute

jerry 06-23-2008 19:48

yeah dude i'm totally upset

**** fraggle he is a total scam artist

AdreNaLiNe 06-23-2008 19:48


Originally Posted by cyanide (Post 13367150)
yeah dude i'm totally upset

**** fraggle he is a total scam artist

what about the fact that I'm better than you at Tac Ops?

jerry 06-23-2008 19:48


fraggle 06-23-2008 19:52

jerry with all due respect you were something of a loner throughout your tribal days, you were hardly gon's best bud, or anyones for that matter. gon is too private to have best buds.

jerry 06-23-2008 19:53


jerry 06-23-2008 19:54

were you in bg i cannot remember

-§trife- 06-23-2008 19:54

can you tell the teddyg and cy's sister story eph

Diablo Escobar 06-23-2008 19:54

you guys should have a gon related "fact off"

whomever knows more random facts about gon is his bestest buddy

jerry 06-23-2008 19:56

sabr1na's bday was the other day

her and zoink had a b day bash :-D

jerry 06-23-2008 19:56



which team did gon play for and not turret farm ???

9Millimeter 06-23-2008 19:56


fraggle 06-23-2008 19:57

i have gon's full name, full address, his cell phone #, his house phone, and his sister's cell phone #. i'm like loucypher up in gon's piece.

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