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kesh 06-23-2008 18:15


Originally Posted by Krivanka (Post 13366741)
I couldnt capture the photograph accurately like kurayami, sorry.

I was trying to note that small gon had a huge ****ing monitor/tower where as big fraggle had quite the opposite

it was a harmless joke and didn't require an apology

samUwell 06-23-2008 18:16

duct tape on top of the rig is not a good sign.

Krivanka 06-23-2008 18:17

I know kesh, it was more of a jab at Kuryami's world famous photography skills.

kesh 06-23-2008 18:18

high five

ted, make a t2 pu 2night

MadBoFo 06-23-2008 18:24


fraggle 06-23-2008 18:30

badmofo wants to be part of the story i think

prowler 06-23-2008 18:35

ahaha gon's tower is huge

m00ky 06-23-2008 18:40


Somec 06-23-2008 18:44


Originally Posted by prowler (Post 13366873)
ahaha gon's tower is huge


clockw0rk 06-23-2008 18:47

more more!

fraggle 06-23-2008 18:48

the next installment will include gon's cross country trip to tribalwars west with glare and fraggle, tribalwars west, and the journey back from tribalwars west to sarnia.

Durak 06-23-2008 18:57

good thread

Flash 06-23-2008 19:05


Good to see some old names talking trash again.

Wufei 06-23-2008 19:15

oh man

this is great fraggle

and i always install the dipdipdip script whenever i play tribes

and occasionally when i'm bored i'll randomly start spouting dip da dip dip dip dip dadipdipdip

jerry 06-23-2008 19:15

this thread is ****in filled with bull****

i was friends with gon first

i ****in named him hans and gave him the magic

dibs 06-23-2008 19:21

sarnia rhymes with narnia

AkumA 06-23-2008 19:24


At one point, while in the company of AkumA, Gon decided that he had had enough of AkumA's retarded behavior and decided to do something about it. Not one for words, Gon let his bladder do the talking, secreting 73 ounces of Canadian Urine into AkumA's jalopy (which months later exploded in front of him, as per forum lore). Later, back at the LAN, Gon was sitting in a drunken stupor admiring the rantings of his favorite recording artist Dee Snyder, when Midnj approached Gon and commented on the large urine stain in Gon's pants. Gon replied by giving Midnj the finger with a dumb smirk on his face, and this is the image most TribalWar members have burned into their heads when they think of the Notorious G.O.N.
Way off.

He wanted food so i offered to drive him. On the car ride in, he choked me calling me Apotham. "Ill ****ing kill u aphotham ill kill you!" Now after reading your story, it makes sense. As hes grabbing me and eggi is laughing, he starts to pee himself. He didnt get any in my car. Everything you said from there on is spot on.

Edit it or not, i dunno but thats what happened.

ptavv 06-23-2008 19:32


this thread is awesome

jerry 06-23-2008 19:34


he ****in choked you out $$$

james 06-23-2008 19:36

just like sarcastick choked out lgbr

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