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XL? 01-17-2012 19:22


Originally Posted by Glytch (Post 16953518)
Where do you guys get off comparing Obibun to tehvul?

Obibun isn't jobless, without a degree, living off some other persons money while living in a delusional self-proclaimed "baller" lifestyle despite evidence to the contrary.

Shame on you all.

Which part of this post is not true?

Data 01-17-2012 19:34

Well to be fair, Obibarf does have a degree.

In linguistics. :ralf:

HelenKeller 01-17-2012 19:38

quick everyone, to the awesomemobile

Buk Naked 01-17-2012 19:43


Originally Posted by Obibun (Post 16953986)
what's even funnier is how so many people were like DAMN OWNED by their own tacit admission of being socially awkward losers for most of their life

just because you now have a job, a place to live, some e-friends and co-workers and (if you're lucky) a hogbeast doesn't mean you're no longer a socially awkward loser and failure in life

people still make fun of you sad losers, you just no longer see it because this isn't highschool where it was obvious and people pointed at you and announced to the world that you were a flailing pimple faced hapless nerdvirgin

people still make fun of you, of course, but now they do it privately in their circles of friends, which is why if you've ever been to a pub and seen a group of really fun looking, cool people laughing aloud, odds are somebody has just made a joke at your expense

your lives will never escape being socially awkward, no matter how much you poor losers try to desperately believe you've left that behind. no amount of slapping your e-friend's dicks and pretending you're not hurt or angry when some baller makes fun of you will leave that behind. no amount of pretending to convince yourself that your middle salary job and ugly girlfriend have suddenly made you into some sort of "cool" baller

ballers, you see, were born to ball. and you were not.

now please bask in my presence

longer posts = desperation

You're really starting to slip Obibun

bam 01-17-2012 19:43

Asperger RAGE

Glare 01-17-2012 19:52


Originally Posted by Glytch (Post 16953518)
Where do you guys get off comparing Obibun to tehvul?

Obibun isn't jobless, without a degree, living off some other persons money while living in a delusional self-proclaimed "baller" lifestyle despite evidence to the contrary.

Shame on you all.


obibun got owned. again

Glare 01-17-2012 19:53

ps: make sure you keep neg repping obibun. his rage level has dramatically increased since he started getting neg repped

Al'Muktar 01-17-2012 20:31


Originally Posted by HelenKeller (Post 16954161)
quick everyone, to the awesomemobile

thats a blatant decoy vehicle employed by colombian drug cartels

Rakk 01-17-2012 20:42

My dick will still be here when you return, Obi.

No worries.

rootb33r 01-17-2012 20:45


Originally Posted by Obibun (Post 16954013)
the people who need a time out are the sad and sorry loser nerds who have been raging non-stop against me for the past week and a half while I carry on as I always have


I mean who are we kidding here, nerds have been whipped into a frothing rage and as ever I am calm as a clam


Spxnge 01-17-2012 20:46 nws

rootb33r 01-17-2012 21:31


Originally Posted by Obibun (Post 16953972)

what you're saying is that you used to be a basement dwelling virgin

your formative years were still a socially awkward loser, and you somehow do not think this carried on to influence your life and personality?





You realize that the original reference to "basement-dwelling virgins" is what we call a cliche. I accept that cliche as a reference to my middle/high school days (when I was playing T1) because I was in fact a nerd, and a virgin... but I was also playing lacrosse and hanging out with friends.

So interpreting the cliche to its fullest negative extent and presuming that one who might have been a nerd 10 years ago is most definitely a socially awkward human being today is a sign of your immaturity and naivety.

:shrug: But continue to insult people while maintaining your faux superiority complex, because it's pretty entertaining.

Federere 01-17-2012 21:34

Holy **** you make a lot of threads obibun

HelenKeller 01-17-2012 21:34

Al'Muktar 01-17-2012 21:40

does anyone remember the hilarity that ensued when chubibun tried to claim he was part of some fictional 'tw ratpack' cos he met up with kahulualallau and federererrereree once or twice

buize 01-17-2012 21:42

practically speaking obibun has 2.5 linguistics degrees and at least 1 bmw belt

Noshbomb 01-17-2012 22:01

fan belt

Obibun 01-17-2012 22:03

you guys try to act all cool like you don't care, like you're not nerd angsty or extraordinarily nerd butthurt by my harsh words and damning condemnations of your sad pathetic lives

and yet whenever I go off to do other things these threads carry themselves, for pages

full of sad nerds whimpering, desperately trying to believe they hold the upper hand in a battle where one side is confirmed to ball and **** models and make fun of people for obvious and well established facts, while the other slithers out of a lackluster, virgin-filled hole to postulate lies, believe them and then slap eachother's dicks around in an preemptive victory celebration

what you nerds lack in evidence and plain structure you make up for in grandoise victory celebrations and desperate belief of inaccurate facts that you desperately want to believe are true

in other words

lmao rage harder bros

Federere 01-17-2012 22:08

lol que

Obibun 01-17-2012 22:11

sometimes I stop by the low valley by the wide lands of the kingdom, underneath the rolling hills, stop beside a lone willow tree, branches whistling in the wind, and listen

and all I hear from the valleys, my friends, are the sad nerds, their cries and shouts whimpering in the night

the cries of losers everywhere coming together in unanimous dickslapping and pathetic mutual support for an enemy they cannot hope to defeat, somebody they themselves have accepted can only bring down if they believe him to be half the man he really is

a giant, a baller, a reaper of men and destroyer of sad losers and virgins, all, but if they were to come together, all these pathetic losers together, bundle themselves in their angst and their hatred, steel themselves with lies and angsty inaccuracies, they could, they hope, defeat him

but fate has other plans

for the ballers win and the losers die off

the nerds wither and weep, the losers crumble under their own pathetic ambitions, and from all the hate, angst, anger and madness, one man steps out, laughing heartily as he ****s his model

that man is Obibun

the destroyer of losers

the reaper of nerd souls

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