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Oktane 07-31-2008 17:10


Originally Posted by bobett (Post 13517722)

get lost member. This is grownups talking here.

PessimiStick 07-31-2008 17:12

I love that he broke out "Karma is a *****" in those voice messages and then died from cancer. Delicious.

That dude was such a whorthless twatbag.

Oktane 07-31-2008 17:12


Originally Posted by BodyShoT (Post 13517793)

those were great :rofl:

KGB_ate_myBread 07-31-2008 17:13


Originally Posted by Killjoy (Post 13517756)
pretty funny that our fat **** outlived their fat ****



Scuzzle 07-31-2008 17:14

holy :rofl:

who wants to hand-deliver a post card to his family?

you know, to show our sympathies and stuff

and goatse

ChaoStar 07-31-2008 17:15

I still have the mp3 of the messages he left on Colosus's answering machine. Always brings a smile to my face.

Fool 07-31-2008 17:16


Originally Posted by BodyShoT (Post 13517793)

I feel like part V needs to be made now.

anomaly 07-31-2008 17:16

it looks like you cant type the word "Daspin" on that forum because it gets censored out

Brasstax 07-31-2008 17:18

fartiusstinkius 07-31-2008 17:18


edit: oh on "that" forum

Morbid 07-31-2008 17:18

Musashi needs to come out of retirement and do a "Daspin Dies" special flash.

strages 07-31-2008 17:18

TribalWar: May Cause Cancer...

olaf 07-31-2008 17:20

Goodbye to the most recent incarnation of that soul.

kharnal 07-31-2008 17:20


Originally Posted by Rayn (Post 13517743)
see, that's what ****ing happens when you mess with tw.

ChaoStar 07-31-2008 17:21

karma's a *****

kharnal 07-31-2008 17:21

Isn't that Jeremy Daspin III?

Monkey_b 07-31-2008 17:22

rofl this is great :lol:

that ****** got his

time to go make fun of him at the f4$ forums

Brasstax 07-31-2008 17:22

HI bet nspectre is gearing up to go kick his GFs ass now that he doesn't have to be scared of JD3 anymore.

munkeydung 07-31-2008 17:22


Originally Posted by BodyShoT (Post 13517793)

pure gold

Bounty 07-31-2008 17:22

Nspectre, you ****ing murderer!

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