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Excel 08-14-2012 20:13

Chevin Event - its bugged, do it now
Update - Bugged only for Imperials (**** you, jedis). Lets you skip to the end of the daily set. Still three sidequests that cant yet be started (delayed, to extend event apparently).

Excel 08-16-2012 17:27

And they fixed it :/

Edofnor 08-22-2012 12:26

I sold 10 of the tokens of enrichment for 9k the other day. Apparently, that was below the usual rate (for my server, at least). I didn't think that any of the items at the Chevin vendor were really very desirable.

Excel 08-22-2012 14:05

The bowcasters are kinda nice, for how easy they were to get. Bought a couple for my trooper and agent, since they arent 50 yet and wont have anything better when they get up there finally.

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