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havax 11-08-2016 22:49


Originally Posted by MadHatSam (Post 18669287)
Being white upper middle class I should be just fine tomorrow. Might suck to be brown though.

lol whatever

browns have been taken advantage of for votes for 50+ years. they've never helped them before,they weren't going to help them this time either. if anything, it might get better for them.

Tyco 11-08-2016 22:50

If Trump wins, most of the non-terrorist brown people in Syria will definitely be better off.

Captain Tele 11-08-2016 22:51


Originally Posted by amRam (Post 18669285)
I bet most of the retards crying about how its possible for Trump to be winning have no idea how the system works, or the fact that California hasn't been factored into any of the results yet :lol:


Laurie Penny ***8207;@PennyRed
It should not have been this hard, this close. Something has gone very badly wrong with the United States and the world. #ElectionNight

TAA WAR 11-08-2016 22:52

Compile a list of everyone that said that they are moving to Canada if Trump wins.

ScooBySnaCk 11-08-2016 22:53


Originally Posted by Stealth (Post 18669249)
How unlikable is Hillary as a candidate if the race is even this close? She was basically handed the election by her donors, political connections and the media.

Looks like all that pandering to blacks and hispanics might be backfiring.

that and telling everyone she would kill the coal industry among other special interest fed statements. When they dropped the FBI emails again the stock market jumped 300 points. Wonder who they are in for

amRam 11-08-2016 22:53

can someone keep posting liberal tears from twitter

its highly entertaining

Odio 11-08-2016 22:53


Originally Posted by TAA WAR (Post 18669293)
Compile a list of everyone that said that they are moving to Canada if Trump wins.

i can think of at least two fat ugly jews that have said it.

chaiwalla 11-08-2016 22:54

i did bunker under ****** neighbors lawn for no reason

JoMo 11-08-2016 22:55

It's not over yet. They must have ran out of ink to print more ballots in Broward county, FL.

Vir 11-08-2016 22:55

they found some extra ballots in VA to save hillary

JoMo 11-08-2016 22:55

It might come down to Michigan...... :-|

NightTrain 11-08-2016 22:56

broward county still waiting to see how many additional votes they need to find

Rayn 11-08-2016 22:56

I'm setting my alarm for 1am to start looting

KittyCat 11-08-2016 22:58

Michigan is the end factor

JoMo 11-08-2016 22:58

Looks like KY got the state house flipped to Rep.

Rep looks to hold on to the House.

Lord Elessar 11-08-2016 23:01

Gary Johnson totally Ross Peroting VA

def 11-08-2016 23:02

if cnn gave NY to clinton at 1% why not give CA at 0%

Captain Tele 11-08-2016 23:03


Originally Posted by def (Post 18669312)
if cnn gave NY to clinton at 1% why not give CA at 0%

oh they will

polls haven't closed yet over here

when they do with 0% reporting she will get it

and OR and WA if they can get away with it

cael 11-08-2016 23:03


Brasstax 11-08-2016 23:03

I hope all you ****s in DC are listening. Do you get it yet?

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