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JoMo 07-25-2016 23:36


Originally Posted by JoMo (Post 18613980)

Just to reiterate.

Fool 07-25-2016 23:37

Well at least the Democrats announced their plans to revise their Superdelegate system in the wake of corruption...for the next election.

Dangerdoggie 07-25-2016 23:38

We interrupt this thread for this late breaking news bulletin

Fool 07-25-2016 23:39

Blue walls. Why didn't anyone think to make walls blue?

Fool 07-25-2016 23:44

We have removed all US Flags and symbology from our stage lest we accidentally cause pro-American sentiment among our foreign visitors here tonight. Please report any triggering microaggressions to your nearest Obamacare certified mental health therapy specialist and puppy cuddle sessions shall commence forthwith.

Dangerdoggie 07-25-2016 23:46

Where are the upside down crosses? There were suppose to be upside down crosses and pentagrams.

StapleMammal1 07-25-2016 23:52

Nothing wrong with an upside down cross. In fact Peter requested to be crucified upside down. Nothing wrong with a pentagram. In fact the pentagram is symbolic of knowledge.


The Magical Zoo 07-26-2016 00:04

South Park is going to be ****ing gold when it comes back in September.

Fool 07-26-2016 00:06

Trey Parker said something along the lines of "we ****ed up by already killing Donald Trump last year"

burtrennalds 07-26-2016 00:07


Goshin 07-26-2016 00:10

They can bring him back

JoMo 07-26-2016 00:11


Originally Posted by Fool (Post 18614186)
Trey Parker said something along the lines of "we ****ed up by already killing Donald Trump last year"

they kill kenny all the time

Fool 07-26-2016 00:12

Not anymore they don't.

def 07-26-2016 00:14

Zombie Trump

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SeVeReD 07-26-2016 00:15

Not seeing any american flags is a bit disturbing... even for a not very jingoistic me

Captain Tele 07-26-2016 00:20


Originally Posted by naptown (Post 18614135)

oh i like this bot


#DemsInPhilly be like "religion is so stupid."

Captain Tele 07-26-2016 00:21


Originally Posted by JoMo (Post 18614129)
Warren Nazi salute... followed by saying 'the system is rigged'

what she meant to say

Captain Tele 07-26-2016 00:22


Originally Posted by cerebral (Post 18614153)
the crowd shots of people crying are making me hard

i bet

Goshin 07-26-2016 00:31

I like jingoism
That's a good word

I learned about it in Victoria 2, a fun paradox game

StapleMammal1 07-26-2016 00:34

An old Indian was standing on a street corner.

Whenever a pretty young thing passed, he'd raise his hand in the traditional Indian salute and say: "Chance."

A fellow watched this going on after woman after woman passed and finally walked up to the Indian.

"Excuse me," the fellow said. "But I thought Indians were supposed to say How."

"Me know How," the Indian said. "Me want Chance."

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