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Fool 08-01-2016 10:21


Originally Posted by arcadus (Post 18617666)
who said they had to be impartial, its a comedy show

See that's just it, it's not. It's an editorialized news program that's funny. It's not a pure comedy show, but this is what comedians who do such programs always use as an excuse "I'm just a comedian." It gives them license to say whatever they want without any sort of repercussions. Bill Maher did it, Al Franken did it, Stewart and Colbert do it, Trevor Noah does it, and now John Oliver does it.

What bothers me is not that it's impartial, it's that it forgoes comedy gold in favor of narrative, preaching, condescension, and pandering. The DNC was an absolute ****show of comedy potential, from Sarah Silverman being booed and chiding the crowd, a massive delegate walkout, signgate, rioting protesters, lights being shut off, Hillary's "O" face, the Email hacks, Bill Clinton falling asleep during her speech and his balloon chasing, etc.

Instead John Oliver presents a 30 second edit of some of the more eccentric speeches, followed by 15 minutes about Trump. It's an insult to comedy.

amRam 08-01-2016 10:30

^ this

Fool 08-01-2016 11:54

Rockstar Psy 08-01-2016 13:08

i love trump and i am voting for him, but the dude seriously needs to stop with some of his bonehead tweets. The media is just eating it all up and trying to make him look like the villain rather than focusing on how corrupt Clinton is, since she has bought out every piece of media.

Fool 08-01-2016 14:16

Why would he give up the free advertising? When Clinton is out of money after spending a billion dollars, and there's nothing left to give and she's still even or losing in the polls, he can stop and start throwing out attack ads that destroy her campaign.

The media attacks aren't going to convince Trump supporters to stop supporting him. The center people have either already made up their minds or are smart enough to see through the bull****. What Hillary and the media should be doing is focusing on the Progressive left who they betrayed and dismissed, and trying to get millennials excited for Hillary, which they aren't. If progressives and millennials stay home, or vote 3rd party, Hillary will lose.

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