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Veniggs 07-25-2016 21:39


Originally Posted by JoMo (Post 18614075)

people like sarah silverman and al franken laughed when sanders supporters caused these sorts of disturbances at trump rallies and tried to shame ppl or cause violence, and now it's happening to them.

i wonder if they, just for one second even, felt like the victims of these commie, "shout them down", "block the doors" ****s. probably not, those two are too ****ing old and too ****ing smug to get it.

HelenKeller 07-25-2016 21:40

is scott baio busy?

what am i saying, of course scott baio isn't busy

Gouge 07-25-2016 21:41

This coon on stage thinks he going to be the Next Barry.

StapleMammal1 07-25-2016 21:42

HelenKeller 07-25-2016 21:42

is this david justice

naptown 07-25-2016 21:43

StapleMammal1 07-25-2016 21:47

Lord Elessar 07-25-2016 21:51

I would like to motorboat her jewbs.

-SS- 07-25-2016 21:55


Originally Posted by naptown (Post 18614090)

sums them up: cowards

attack people they know wont fight back

her day will come and I will smile when it does

HelenKeller 07-25-2016 21:57

lol i had to page back up to see if it was absent posting

-SS- 07-25-2016 22:04

In other news, at least 38% of Americans are morons:


Just 38 percent would be "proud" to have her as president
4 brutal poll numbers that greet Hillary Clinton at the Democratic National Convention - The Washington Post

havax 07-25-2016 22:22


dnc **** show of corruption

**** you and your 1st amendment

REGATED on Twitter:

Vir 07-25-2016 22:24

havax 07-25-2016 22:28

Taking away bernie signs and threatening no credentials tomorrow if they don't give them up

End of the revolution? DNC confiscating pro-Bernie signs inside #DNCinPHL venue

ArakAtak 07-25-2016 22:32


Originally Posted by JoMo (Post 18614075)

I have never cringed so much, that would be less awkward if they just had Anubis and Triple up there.

Thank god they can fix the USA in post ...

JoMo 07-25-2016 22:33

Warren Nazi salute... followed by saying 'the system is rigged'

SuicideSnowman 07-25-2016 22:36


Mogs 07-25-2016 22:36

bob loblaw's law blog: make america great again

Goshin 07-25-2016 22:38

Sanders name is in the nomination hat

JoMo 07-25-2016 22:39


Originally Posted by Goshin (Post 18614132)
Sanders name is in the nomination hat

You do know they don't just pull a random name out of a hat and declare them the candidate, right?

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