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KingSobieski 07-28-2016 23:49


Fool 07-28-2016 23:53


Originally Posted by Fool (Post 18614268)

Fool 07-28-2016 23:55

Morgan Freeman narrated Hillary's intro? Was that the best choice? He narrated Shawshank after all.

TAA WAR 07-29-2016 00:31

SuperTrap 07-29-2016 00:34

fantasizing you dip****s. sheesh let the guy have his dreams

TW_Dagger 07-29-2016 00:34


havax 07-29-2016 00:40

i think it's hilarious how many craigslist members she got in there to cheer for her for money lol

Edofnor 07-29-2016 00:43

y didn't she compensate them at a $15/hr rate or better??????


Brasstax 07-29-2016 01:50

You know - Obama is such a cool mother****er. I am disappointed that he has been such a ****ty president.

Captain Tele 07-29-2016 03:48


Originally Posted by naptown (Post 18615160)
-Get hacked
-Get caught rigging an election
-Have a meeting on how to spin it
-Get obedient media to make it about your hackers

i was watching Rob Reiner on MSNBC call Trump another Nixon last night

and Chris Mathews and an entire panel of DNC shills nod their head in agreement

they act like Trump did this....instead of laughing about it and commenting on how insane this all is

watching msm today is like looking at the world through some giant distorted upside down mirror. hot is cold......up is down

Is Hillary Clinton The Democrats' Richard Nixon?

where Trump is Nixon.....but Hillary Isn't?

"Hillary Is Closer To Mussolini Than Trump Is To Hitler"

Trump is Hitler.....but Hillary isn't 100% spot on in alignment with Mussolini

and she suddenly has contempt for an imperial presidency despite wanting her own and working for the last one.



Uses more words that create binding, legal obligations, such as ***8216;shall***8217; and ***8216;must***8217;.

Captain Tele 07-29-2016 03:52


Originally Posted by AnubiS (Post 18615216)
So there's this man running for president asking Russia to release Clinton's e-mails so he can use them in his favor. I wouldn't be surprised if Russia does so... USA is Russia's #1 rival. What does Russia wants in this case? The worst piece of **** candidate to win the run... :lol: like I said before, Trump is the candidate that all USA haters want for president - so he can start building a wall around the country and therefore imprisoning all the fat muricans. Even ISIL will celebrate if this twats gets to the White House


hates anti-immigration ideas

thinks all countries should be open borders

but wants to continue cold war

keep unnecessary embargos and trade barriers between USA and RUSSIA

checkout the doomsday clock

the list is starting to make us idiots in AMERICA go WTF buddy

u make no god damn sense at all to anyone but yourself

Captain Tele 07-29-2016 03:54


Originally Posted by naptown (Post 18615218)
y dont u spend more time fixing portugal instead of moving 2 White majority countries who provide u w/ the best handouts ???

can't......portugal can't even afford to keep their banks open even after bailouts and stealing billions in bank bonds

First Italy, Now Portuguese Banks "Unexpectedly" Need A Taxpayer Bailout

this is y u don't give monkeys money

they don't understand it no matter how many decades they waste in college

Captain Tele 07-29-2016 03:57


Originally Posted by Bughead (Post 18615289)
Because that's pretty much the only way they're going to win. No one likes Hillary or Trump. It's down to which one you hate more/less. If they can paint Trump as more evil/inept, Hillary wins. :weird:

yet i have never seen such a conglomeration of hateful spewed bull**** against people that aren't part of "their cause" in my entire life


Originally Posted by Eggi (Post 18615592)
straight democracies don't work because humans are dumb

says the guy going 15 pages in the other TW thread saying that there is no way to prove "IQ" in humans........LOL

holy fuk u are one dishonest and dumb commie

Captain Tele 07-29-2016 04:25


Originally Posted by StapleMammal1 (Post 18615987)

Look at those Trump birth certificate rednecks


burtrennalds 07-29-2016 05:33

AnubiS 07-29-2016 05:46


Originally Posted by JoMo (Post 18615996)
You won't see this on TV........

Tim Pool on Twitter:


Dangerdoggie 07-29-2016 06:26


Originally Posted by Fool (Post 18616011)


or STD

now she's going to have to say ahhh to the camera, right after her next press conference.

Rayn 07-29-2016 09:56

Rayn 07-29-2016 10:05

bam 07-29-2016 10:14

This is an absolute ****show.

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