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KingSobieski 07-25-2016 21:05

Hah they stood a retard up on stage

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Thingfish 07-25-2016 21:13

Rayn 07-25-2016 21:14


Originally Posted by Goshin (Post 18613987)
have you guys realized how quickly all you right wingers have adopted trump's language?

"low energy" and other buzz words, short phrasing, maybe something at the end of a paragraph like...

it's a bit weird

and you can't understand that's a joke?

Rayn 07-25-2016 21:17

any US male that votes for Hillary supports safe-space, gender-fluid tumblrinas and also posts on craigslist looking for blacks to **** their wives while they watch. just saying. it's ok, you're with HER,and Hillary is a known cuck that loved watching her husband **** young interns.

KingSobieski 07-25-2016 21:18

The dnc is a self loathing circle jerk

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JustinCase 07-25-2016 21:18


cerebral 07-25-2016 21:21


Originally Posted by JoMo (Post 18614028)
Have you watched the DNC speakers or seen some of the delegates? Circus act.

We've reached the hardcore illegal pandering portion of the night.

Re-read my post and point out to me where I said anything positive about the DNC. Or, alternatively, take your ****ing meds.

motoxbudd 07-25-2016 21:21

wow. i actually feel sorry for the peep humiliating themselves on stage. this is beyond pathetic. hillary needs to bow out before she kills herself from the stress of driving this openly corrupt gay retard dead horse train deeper n deeper into bottomless pit of ludicrous pit of holy ****ing **** give it up woman into the ground.

KingSobieski 07-25-2016 21:23

O god sara silverman and al franken stalling for time. Cringe worthy. Thats getting cut n edited n uploaded.

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cheezit 07-25-2016 21:24

Trainwrecking already.

cerebral 07-25-2016 21:24

I'm watching Franken and Silverman, lol, what a ****ing **** show.

havax 07-25-2016 21:24

lol sarah silverman addresses the bernie supporters, says they are being ridiculous, huge crowd start chanting bernie and pissing her off, and she says at least they can fix this in post lol

KingSobieski 07-25-2016 21:24

Wtf were they thinking

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cerebral 07-25-2016 21:25

I swear to Christ, the democrats could **** up a wet dream.

MasterGnr 07-25-2016 21:26


Originally Posted by Fool (Post 18614018)
RNC: The world is getting scary and we should fix America's problems.

DNC: America is getting scary and we should fix the world's problems.

no ****ing kidding. center mass dude, center mass

JoMo 07-25-2016 21:30

burtrennalds 07-25-2016 21:31

motoxbudd 07-25-2016 21:32


Originally Posted by burtrennalds (Post 18614076)


KingSobieski 07-25-2016 21:35

Sara silverman pulled the trigger on the dnc and her career. So beautiful :cry:

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SuicideSnowman 07-25-2016 21:36

Can we have some more rich celebs talking to us about world problems?

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