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WarBuddha 07-26-2016 14:47

He didn't even include the "Mother's of the Movement" group that consists of felon's moms.

Rockstar Psy 07-26-2016 15:52

lol at that video, i cant believe anyone is buying into their bull**** this year...lets promote piece of **** people who should be in jail....cant wait for trump to win.

KingSobieski 07-26-2016 16:24

Oooooo ya, can't wait for another day of crying and screaming liberals :D

i hope they don't ****ing put Bill at the very end at 11:00pm

looks like a schedule packed full of none-professional anythings....lolololol... the people's party is scraping off the bottom of the people barrel.... this is going to be better than last night..... hey, does everyone feel bad for us yet??? anyone??? all the victims are here in one room....look at us...please... someone help us!!!

Former U.S. Senator Tom Harkin (New York)
Kentucky Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes
Governor Terry McAuliffe (Virginia)
House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi (California) and the Democratic Women of the House
Former State Senator Jason Carter (Georgia)
Video from President Jimmy Carter
U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer (New York)
Thaddeus Desmond, a child advocate social worker in Philadelphia
Dynah Haubert, a lawyer who works for a disability rights organization
Kate Burdick, staff attorney at the Juvenile Law Center in Philadelphia
Anton Moore, founded and runs a non-profit community group on gun violence
Dustin Parson, 5th grade teacher in Arkansas
Daniele Mellott, mother of adopted son made possible through the 1997 Adoption and Safe Families Act
Jelani Freeman, grew up in foster care and former intern for Clinton***8217;s Senate office
Democratic National Committee Vice Chair of Voter Registration and Participation Donna Brazile
Eagle Academy Principal and Students

Former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder
Pittsburgh Chief of Police Cameron McLay

Actor Tony Goldwyn
Mothers of the Movement: Gwen Carr, Mother of Eric Garner; Sybrina Fulton, Mother of Trayvon Martin; Maria Hamilton, Mother of Dontré Hamilton; Lucia McBath, Mother of Jordan Davis; Lezley McSpadden, Mother of Michael Brown; Cleopatra Pendleton-Cowley, Mother of Hadiya Pendleton; Geneva Reed-Veal, Mother of Sandra Bland
Performance by Andra Day
President of the Planned Parenthood Action Fund Cecile Richards
Actresses America Fererra and Lena Dunham

Mayor of Columbia, South Carolina Steve Benjamin
U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer (California)
Actress Debra Messing
Joe Sweeney, a detective with the NYPD on 9/11
Lauren Manning, injured in 9/11 attacks

U.S. Representative Joseph Crowley (New York)
Actress Erika Alexander
Ryan Moore, has spondyloepiphyseal Dysplasia dwarfism
Former Governor of Vermont Howard Dean
U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar (Minnesota)
Ima Matul, sex trafficking survivor and advocate
Former U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright
President Bill Clinton
Actress Meryl Streep
Performance by Alicia Keys

JoMo 07-26-2016 16:26

Ryan Moore, has spondyloepiphyseal Dysplasia dwarfism

They are having a dwarf on stage?

How is this not called a circus?

KingSobieski 07-26-2016 16:29

they're going to remind us all that 9/11 happened too... just in case anyone forgot what happened. lol

SuperTrap 07-26-2016 16:31

Is this the greatest election cycle in the history of man or what

KingSobieski 07-26-2016 16:32

even if i tried, i couldnt have thought up a DNC that's so contrived and hilariously ironic as this one.

best tv ever :D

i heard they were trying to cull the bernie delegates somehow or to quiet them down. probably put some lithium in their mocha lattes.

JoMo 07-26-2016 16:33


Originally Posted by KingSobieski (Post 18614564)
they're going to remind us all that 9/11 happened too... just in case anyone forgot what happened. lol

Wait, hold on... they are actually going to acknowledge 9/11 happened, without mentioning radical Islam right? It's going to be blamed on Bush and Republicans.

KingSobieski 07-26-2016 16:35

o man, jake tapper looks worn out.

i have no idea how they can spin 9/11 into their favor.

that's why bush went to war in the first place. they want to say they wouldnt have gone to war? it was a unanimous decision tho....

radical islam isn't the problem? because it was definitely religiously motivated - moreover it was revealed in new papers that Saudi Arabia was involved and they're our #2 ME ally.

it's such a god damned mess, what're they getting at with 9/11 survivors speaking?

what is Bill going to say??? The #1 womanizer in chief! lolololol. maybe he will regale us with stories of his sexual conquests.


they got some blind guy to sing the anthem.

hahahaha. the march of the invalids. merry xmas everyone.

Rayn 07-26-2016 16:35

oh man I hope they set up a tiny mic for him to use!

and a tiny teleprompter!

JoMo 07-26-2016 16:40

Today's theme seems to be disabled people...... Lady in a Wheelchair to say the pledge, and blind half-cripple to sing the National Anthem.

American Flags are on display!

KingSobieski 07-26-2016 16:42

they seem to suddenly have remembered they were running a convention for the UNITED STATES president and pulled some flags out of the broom closet.

Thingfish 07-26-2016 16:42


Originally Posted by KingSobieski (Post 18614573)

it's such a god damned mess, what're they getting at with 9/11 survivors speaking?

My guess is that they're going after the GOP for refusing to approve continued funding for the First Responders medical/etc fund.

Vir 07-26-2016 16:42

knowing the dems he wasn't really blind

KingSobieski 07-26-2016 16:44

the roll call is going to be explosive when they hit CA.

will probably be a few votes for PASS

Vir 07-26-2016 16:46

harkin is doing some voodoo stuff

Captain Tele 07-26-2016 16:51


Originally Posted by -SS- (Post 18614348)

holy fuk these people are bigger douche than professional yelpers


I sat trying to come up with a comparison for this painful flick, but it wasn't until I was home looking at FB, that I figured it out. This is one of those complete nonsense, to the point of crazy, internet memes that make up some outlandish invented "fact" about one party or another and then a whole bunch of equally nuts followers of that party post it like its gospel without researching it and then other nuts respond with equal anger and vigor. It's not that its a poorly made move, it is, it's just at no point in watching it can anyone believe that you are hearing any researched, thought out, information. It's just one fairy tale after another, but they don't even try to make them believable. I guess with low level party adherents, they don't really feel like they have to. Kind of like the meme, they create it for the stupid and angry, who they know won't think, but will blindly consume and repeat. Kinda makes me what to be a blogger for those kind of folks! Easy money in the dumb!
sure sounds like an eggi post to me

Rockstar Psy 07-26-2016 16:52

this clinton cash movie is really telling of how big of a POS politicians they are

Captain Tele 07-26-2016 16:55


Originally Posted by Rayn (Post 18614374)
wow, this convention is like collecting everyone I hate on tumblr and putting them all in one building.

i especially love people with the $15/hr buttons on. is this something important to you? so your career plan is such that you are making less than $15/hr and $15/hr would be a significant raise for you?

ok good luck with that whole poverty thing.

an entire assembly of people who long for someone to have to pay them $15 an hour (when they are obviously worth far less)

all demanding that others volunteer or are forced through government coercion to work for their ideas, their benefit, for absolutely nothing (because government/charity is the same thing)

all in the name of supreme altruism and benevolence

KingSobieski 07-26-2016 17:05

omg wouldnt it be hilarious is bernie somehow won the nomination and then defeated trump

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