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Lyon 07-26-2018 12:03

Tribes 20th Anniversary Weekend
Tribes is officially turning 20 on November 30th so it's time to dust off your jet packs and disc launchers and come celebrate the greatest game ever made. Myself and a few others are trying to organize a grassroots Tribes 20th Anniversary Reunion Weekend.

The details are not by any means set in stone but the current information (and registration links) for the 20th Anniversary Weekend can be found at We are aiming for the weekend of November 30th - December 2nd. The current plan is to stand up some additional Base servers and play Tribes for a weekend as well as to organize an LT tournament. Hopefully we can organize some other events: Base pickups, Arena/Duel, Team Rabbit, etc. The current Tribes community, even without you old bastards, can support an LT tournament which is why that is our first organized event.

What's that you say? Current Tribes community? Amazingly enough there is still a small but dedicated Tribes 1 community. We are sadly reduced to only playing LT but it's still better than Fortnite or whatever garbage games are getting released today :). There are active LT pubs every night and we coordinate pickup games through the Tribes Talk discord server Tribes Talk Discord. On there are links to three 100% ready to go Tribes configs, links to the community, and a "guide" on how to play LT. The three configs are:
  • Stork's ProConfig3 is meant to make it as easy as possible to see enemies/be aware.
  • Fire's build is meant for T:A players who wanted to try Tribes 1. It is meant to look as similar to T:A (I never played T:A so can't comment) and I believe the default key binds are the T:A defaults. This is probably the "fanciest" of the builds but it is based on scriptGL which can be finicky/problematic.
  • Groove's T1 Basic Config is as close to stock Tribes as you'll get in 2018.

There is also a channel on the Tribes Talk discord server, Tribes Talk Discord, that we are using for planning and coordinating the 20th Anniversary Weekend. Anyone who wants to get involved or has ideas for cool **** we can do to celebrate the 20th anniversary are welcome.

Here's a cool video from Stork with some sick music, Starsiege Tribes 2017 - YouTube.

absent 07-26-2018 12:38

We're all old now

wtf eat apples 07-26-2018 13:20

Lyon is my bff

kitteh 07-26-2018 14:26

Come check it out if you're a T1 vet or even some new-blood. People can give you some good laughs, some good times, and some solid advice to improve your game play if you come into discord.
Happy Disc-ing my boys and girls!

Flipp 07-26-2018 14:45

peepee s0ss ? ? ? :king:

Laughing-Stork 07-26-2018 15:34

dang that stork guy is a boss

Thresh 07-26-2018 16:18

I still suck but I***8217;ll play

wtf eat apples 07-26-2018 16:26

Thresh is designated fluffer

Thresh 07-26-2018 16:39

**** yes

AnubiS 07-26-2018 20:15


I'm in.

Goshin 07-26-2018 21:06

**** this old ass ****ty dead game and **** you too

Flipp 07-26-2018 21:08


Originally Posted by Goshin (Post 18966404)
yo sups yallz yus wantn 2 letchall no imma supadupa cuck**** effemcuck noodlyarmd wytrash fuccboi l0s3r n i supadupa njoy takn slaps rite dafuq cross mah pastyass fukn teefz n m0uf i m sucha guuuuud GUD lil fuccboi fukme

smdh lol :jester:

Lyon 07-26-2018 21:24


Originally Posted by AnubiS (Post 18966388)

I'm in.

The plan is to play as much base as possible. The main reason I'm working to organize this is to play base. I hope people who know how to play base sign up and come play. Right now the community is only LT and although we've had over 20 people on the server quite a bit recently no one has favorites set or understands how to play base.

Mr Jimmy Pop 07-26-2018 22:40

Awesome, now I have a time frame and goal to build a new gaming rig

I***8217;d be more interested in 10v10 base arena or rabbit than LT.

Mr Jimmy Pop 07-26-2018 22:46

I think a fresh host of a default loadout with scripts and current servers be nice with links in op. So those of us who have no current copies can download and just play without fiddling around

Lyon 07-26-2018 22:48


Originally Posted by Mr Jimmy Pop (Post 18966447)
I think a fresh host of a default loadout with scripts be nice with links in op

Go to and download the build called T1 Basic Config by Groove, it is exactly that.

Nicodemus 07-26-2018 23:19


Originally Posted by Lyon (Post 18966415)
The plan is to play as much base as possible. The main reason I'm working to organize this is to play base. I hope people who know how to play base sign up and come play. Right now the community is only LT and although we've had over 20 people on the server quite a bit recently no one has favorites set or understands how to play base.

This is so pathetic if it's true.

Thresh 07-26-2018 23:46

Nico. A god among men.

Nicodemus 07-26-2018 23:49


sKILLz 07-27-2018 01:00

HI :)

All look at all the bitter crying babies who never won a TOP match posting.

Before you come at me 20 years later for " cheating" if you want to TUNE IN on this date to the POD CAST I will be talking all about that. And many other things a lot of the tribes teams and people did not know happen-but i do! And are true!!! Gossip is great but FACTS are better. You want to hear a few? Most match wins by a leader by a mile, Most matches played by a leader&player, longest held #1, longest winning match streak (17) Only team to hold #1 on 3 ladders at once -W-olpfack -W- 44-4 and not 1 demo with all you haters trying to find us cheating.

Talk about NuTz all you want, you can bet I will be talking about it in the cast. So if you want to know the truth behind happy flag how it really happen and started, and many other **** you have no clue about- tune in I dare you I remember it all. I have no reason to lie 20 years later, and I was not lying in -W- then. I made -W-olfpack to get away from cheats and cheaters. -W- olfpack went on to carry base tribes for the next 2-3 years as T2 flopped and 5150 ran everyone into the ground lol we tied 1-1 in our 1 T2 match ;)

But that is enough about my teams and myself in Tribes. What about real life? You know when you stop playing a game and have to go make money to eat and live? Its been 20 years and according to a lot of the old tribes players I should be A) dead by now B) broke loser idiot stoner C) what ever else you immature less intelligent kids and adults said. Well I am sorry to say that is not the case. It turns out stoner sKILLz was in the right industry. You know? Cannabis ? Legal? Mmm ya. opps maybe he was not a dumb stoner?? h a h a

With that said, if I see enough posts from IE, POE, S3, R&G, 5150, DR, z2, **** ACE even, WA, ReZ, i$, KoV, E5 and so on from the era that mattered post then I will consider making a better 20 year Reunion. A LAN in VEGAS with free team entry and a big TOP PRIZE well worth a weekend in the city of sin. We all can play on a even field. NO PING ****ING S3?!!! ;) We can have one last weekend of Tribes glory 20 years later. Clearly the people all might not even be around to make it worth it, I know I do not post on this site much in the past 10 years.

If you do see this post, and are old school and have the ability to pull your teammates back for one last LAN party for a free entry and a TOP big prize? Would you? If not? I will not pay for the venue and prize and do the 20 year Vegas Reunion Tribes LAN.

One last thought if we do have this LAN and if the interest from old school players and teams is real, I will warn you -W- will have at least 8 of my 10 starters. I know of 6 100% will. I am in touch with a lot of the other still. Just like IE and 5150 and S3 I am sure :) So make some calls if one of you see this.

I will be 39 is this happens and I will still HO the **** out of all your ****ing bases. CptKirK will still grab your flag and SuReFiRe will still stop you from capping. Deathhavoc will have a hard choice to make if he sees this and S3 actually crawls out of the wood works and says they will play. If not? He played 30+ games for -W-. And SlotR might be a father of 3 now, firefighter, registered pilot, duel citizen to USA/Canada but I think he can take the weekend off to come run some HO routes one last time. That is basically my entire offense I had but Notorious and brouhaha. i will message Donny on FB and MysT and GlocK and NiNeNiNe is around also.

So if you want a slim chance of beating -W- at a 20 year reunion LAN with a free entry in VEGAS- This is the last and only chance. A RULE is any old team must have at least 7 of the original members. 14 player teams MAX. NO exceptions. Make a super team with 7+7 I do not care, but at least 7 has to be original members of old school teams to be able to get free entry and eligible for the TOP prize. It wont be 2 grand.

I loved Tribes and it was a huge part of my life for a long time. It is why I am doing what I am doing to this day in the real World honestly. Its why I could possibly do this LAN in VEGAS if old school teams and players are around and are able to and want to. There is a lot of things against this. What is not? And 100% happening? Is I will be on this pod cast speaking the truth to any questions or statements I make. Curious what really went on back then? Wondered anything? This is again you're last chance to find out maybe the answers to those questions.

Its not even August yet. Lots of time for people to spaz at my post in which I imagine is coming. Bring it on if so. Just like before, and just like now,I do not give a **** what any one of you says or thinks. I do not see anyone else offering what I am ? Must be for a reason. I wonder if you can figure it out or not. Three reasons I will tell you why I would do this is I LOVED TRIBES Another reason is I would love to meet a lot of the people I played with and against for once, and third I would like to beat you all again in person one last time- or for the the first time. I have not played Tribes 1 in years. Give me a 0 ping and my team, and I truly wish all of you luck- you will need it :)

-W- sKILLz

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