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Captain Tele 02-01-2018 18:32

hi guys if you want some daily twitter/reddit/pol life updates in the realm of absurdity and idiocy tune in.......i apparently frustrate the low t cry baby ******s who don't think the reality of our very real situation is amusing nor funny

that our collective "roosing" isn't worth posting about in there

if you don't like this stuff please feel free to **** off back to here....this is where your rheees and sky screaming goes

You raff yuo roose v.3871 by Playalistic - Page 851 - TribalWar Forums

please give it some support it needs it

Captain Tele 02-01-2018 18:34

Wiglaf 02-01-2018 18:47

just kill yourself

amRam 02-01-2018 18:51

Tele vision is ****ing awesome

TripLikeIDo 02-01-2018 18:52

Liked and subscribed.

wtf eat apples 02-01-2018 18:55


Captain Tele 02-01-2018 19:13


Originally Posted by Wiglaf (Post 18892838)
just kill yourself

you first virgin dave

poor guy takes life advice from mitchdubai

woman advice from anubis

antidepressants for how ****ing boring and lame he is

Captain Tele 02-01-2018 19:18

the world needs less virgin dave

"show me your soy face"

more of this guy

be this guy

Captain Tele 02-01-2018 19:21

this one for you TKK


Captain Tele 02-01-2018 19:23

maybe this will be real communism this time

amRam 02-01-2018 19:50

Rofl that last one

bowl of blood 02-01-2018 19:50

i don't get the switch ones

come at my nintendo and i'll stab you in the throat

savage inuit 02-01-2018 20:40

Would You Like To Know More?

lemontw 02-01-2018 20:46

wow tele ur really stepping up ur ****posting game


Wiglaf 02-01-2018 20:47

tele vision is what you get when a closet racist is overexposed to the internet

lemontw 02-01-2018 20:51

u guys should just hug it out

Wiglaf 02-01-2018 20:56

lol yeah right

Wiglaf 02-01-2018 20:57

tele has serious issues.

Captain Tele 02-01-2018 20:57


Originally Posted by Wiglaf (Post 18892883)
tele vision is what you get when a closet racist is overexposed to the internet


why is this low t cuck trying to mess up MY THREAD


Originally Posted by Wiglaf
I can't figure it out actually. It's quite frustrating. I look ok, athletic, work out, etc. Nothing obvious that any of my friends can point out. Then ****in LGBR gets more poon in my house than I do.


Originally Posted by Wiglaf
and before you ask, no did not bang her.


If I had the money I would seriously hire a coach/trainer because this is bull****.

This situation I've been in my whole life, basically no ability take home a girl I'm attracted to unless I get lucky once every 40 months, this is unacceptable.
go post more hilarious beta male content in the other one i left you

Captain Tele 02-01-2018 20:59


Originally Posted by Wiglaf (Post 18892894)
tele has serious issues.


u take life advice from mitchdubai and dating advice from anubis

somehow more pathetic than both in all ways measurable

go give #resistance elsewhere please

this is my thread u are stinking up with your estrogen

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