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Captain Tele 10-11-2017 01:10

meme magic

Dangerdoggie 10-11-2017 02:38

he's gone to Europe to hang out with his pal Polanski

Harvey Weinstein Flying to Europe Tonight for Sex Addiction Rehab |

SuperTrap 10-11-2017 11:47

Is this just another leftie seeking mental health treatment?

SuperTrap 10-11-2017 12:33

Okay now THAT is funny..

'Stand up' for Harvey Weinstein: Lindsay Lohan reportedly defends mogul in now-deleted post | Fox News

Dangerdoggie 10-11-2017 16:46

Ben Aflac and Good Will Humping to join their buddy Harvey soon...

Dangerdoggie 10-11-2017 16:52

SuperTrap 10-11-2017 16:54

NBC is taking it in the ass

NBC slammed for passing on Harvey Weinstein sex harassment exposé | Fox News


NBC News is under fire inside and outside of 30 Rock for passing on the story that has turned Hollywood on its head - movie producer Harvey Weinstein's decades of preying on women seeking to break into the movie business.

The Peacock's attempts to explain why former MSNBC host Ronan Farrow's expose on Weinstein never made it on the air, despite extensive, on-the-record interviews and a damning audiotape of Weinstein himself, have fallen flat as the story has exploded.

***8220;Who at NBC News passed on this story?" asked Mediaite columnist and Managing Editor Colby Hall. "Why would they choose not to cover such an enormous and important story? And was there some sort of mandate from above?***8221;
It's almost as if the whole left is imploding

Edofnor 10-11-2017 16:56


they need to set up a fall guy (hurricane harvey) to explain the weak 2017 box office numbers

SuperTrap 10-11-2017 16:59

The argument is that the numbers were sliding anyway...

and then they don't think things are going to change? These entities are just going to sit back and shrug off the loss?

I don't think so

Captain Tele 10-11-2017 16:59


Originally Posted by SuperTrap (Post 18840684)
Is this just another leftie seeking mental health treatment?

when they aren't trying to pass laws for us

while breaking them for themselves

they are quick to pretend to reflect or learn some kind of lesson

but mostly be outraged that they got caught in first place


Captain Tele 10-11-2017 18:21

fresh meat

thank you oprah food program

arsin 10-11-2017 19:21


Originally Posted by Fool (Post 18840065)
It's not like Hollywood has ever been a meritocracy. If you don't put out there are hundreds who will. The only part of this story that surprises me is that people are surprised that a producer in a position to make fame desperate people famous.

Faux surprise. Faux outrage. Faux virtue signalling.

TheVoiceOfReason 10-11-2017 20:04


Originally Posted by Captain Tele (Post 18840904)
fresh meat

[pic of monster, Rita Ora, and Oprah]

thank you oprah food program

Albanian grew up in London, probably not the freshest.

Regardless, Oprah's pimp hand is undeniably strong.

Gouge 10-11-2017 22:30


Die, scum-****!


It is now being reported that Weinstein has sunk even lower. He had a massive fight with his 22-year-old daughter Remy. The fight “spilled,” into the streets. The LAPD came to the house to calm the situation. It is being reported Weinstein told family “suicidal and depressed.”
CAUGHT ON TAPE: Police Arrive After “Suicidal” Harvey Weinstein Freaks on Daughter

Groove 10-11-2017 22:34

i think ive seen this episode of entourage already

aScotiA 10-11-2017 22:49

i don't know if "freaks on daughter" is the best phrase to use right now, or is it...?

SuperTrap 10-12-2017 00:24

:lol: omg, he jokes about it at the 2013 Oscars.

Seth MacFarlane explains his 2013 Oscars jab at Harvey Weinstein - ABC News


After listing off the nominees in the supporting actress category that year, MacFarlane said, “Congratulations, you five ladies no longer have to pretend to be attracted to Harvey Weinstein."
Total collapse imminent

Brasstax 10-12-2017 01:19

And they say trump is bad for women. Trump is great for women.

easilyodd 10-12-2017 01:34


Originally Posted by SuperTrap (Post 18840830)
It's almost as if the whole left is imploding

Nah, the Clinton protection shield is shrinking from irrelevance and power transition. This kind of thing will go away when the new lefty power player steps up and gets the money organized.

Plasmatic 10-12-2017 01:35

Draining the swamp and hollywood.

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