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slogg 10-06-2017 17:29

pretty much just assume anyone associated with the clintons is a sexual degenerate

Highfive 10-06-2017 20:38

i pretty much just assume any powerful jew is a sexual degenerate

arsin 10-06-2017 21:10

Gee if I was in Harv's position would I ask for some boom boom?

Yess! :flag:

He sure liked playing on tehr edge though what with 18 payouts - at some point the odds are against you.

easilyodd 10-07-2017 10:50

I'm hoping he makes a move on Shannon Watts.

Love his strat tho, little rehab, photo op with the wife, a lot of money donated and everything back to the normal "do you like sucking dick or working as a waitress at... where was it again?"

arsin 10-07-2017 10:58

Exactly, a real American entreprenuer.

When aill Miramax or The Weinztein company felease another holocaust movie?

buize 10-07-2017 15:18

buize 10-07-2017 15:18

bowl of blood 10-07-2017 15:23

idk doesn't sound like the tayswo i kno

Validuz 10-08-2017 02:45


Fool 10-08-2017 02:48

Wait there's sexism in Hollywood?

Fool 10-08-2017 23:49

And he's out

Greedo909 10-09-2017 02:34

creepy serial sexual predator leftist supports disarming people.. go figure :lol:

call me when any of these viciously preachy male feminist/progressives turns out not to be a depraved sex abuser or pedo

lord knows what twisted **** michael moore or keith olbermann, etc are into

***8216;Hypocrite preaching feminist ideals***8217;: Director Joss Whedon***8217;s ex-wife accuses him of cheating - The Washington Post

SuperTrap 10-09-2017 13:54

didna no nuffin

NoGodForMe 10-09-2017 14:01

Taylor swift tried to date a Kennedy, but was sent away. She wants to be in that clique of power but is not invited.

Edofnor 10-09-2017 14:06

lmao that ***** is nowhere near toothy enough 2b hangin w/ the kennedys

samUwell 10-09-2017 14:24

Up until the day this thread was made, i had no idea who this Jew was.

Dangerdoggie 10-09-2017 16:55

Ex-NYT Reporter: I Had the Weinstein Story in 2004. Celebrities, NYT Execs Killed It.

SNL reportedly cut material about Weinstein before show | Fox News

Matt Damon & Russell Crowe 'helped spike Weinstein exposé' | Daily Mail Online

what's really odd about this is jews allowing a jew to be attacked like this.

SuperTrap 10-09-2017 17:09

must be some money in burning him now

Dangerdoggie 10-09-2017 17:13

Bill Clinton ditched Secret Service on multiple ***8216;Lolita Express***8217; flights: Report

next thing you know they'll be going after pervert politicians



Captain Tele 10-09-2017 17:16


Originally Posted by buize (Post 18838829)


oh jew

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