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amRam 08-17-2019 10:53

Anyone into mountain bikes
Thinking about getting a hardtail for trails n ****. I brought my Kona city bike to the camp and it's sketchy as **** on the forest trails. Then I realized this might actually be lots of fun. What should I get for a thousand bucks?

Plasmatic 08-17-2019 13:42

Shoes a set of spd pedals, helmet, full finger gloves, and a bike to go with it.

The spd's will keep your feet on the goddamn pedals and your shins happy. The helmet and gloves will keep your body happy.

Hardtails are a great way to get into it. You don't need any fancy suspension or other nonsense yet, and a hard tail will out climb anything out there.

SeVeReD 08-17-2019 14:34

lemon is the guy we need to bring to this thread; he's into mountain biking... and was even in some races!!!
I did a quick search, but all i can find is a bunch of vanster talking about how mary can beat the poodle lemon biking with one tit tied behind her back...

Groove 08-17-2019 14:37

does apple make a bike yet?

lemontw 08-17-2019 15:19

mary is 2% faster than me so she kicked my ass at the last race

you'll get garbage for $1000 so I'd look at stuff like this

2015 Superfly 9.8 Custom Build - bicycles - by owner

KingSobieski 08-17-2019 15:54

Itís all about the later biker shorts imho

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Flash 08-17-2019 16:10

About to buy an ebike mtn bike. Rode 6 hours over every mountain in Telluride in an afternoon. So much fun in addition to a great work out.

Fixed for lemon, nazi speller.

Pagy 08-17-2019 16:13

I was heavy into mountain biking when I was graduating hs...

Best advice is go to a local bike shop. Essentially you***8217;re buying a set of can spend the same amount of money at a bike shop and Canadian tire and end up with a vastly superior bike.

Probably wise doing hard tail to start...dualies aren***8217;t the best way to get from a to b and pretty unnecessary unless you***8217;re doing more advanced downhill ****.

Basically there are tiers in quality and features; compare the tier of brakes, shifters, front and rear derailers...try out the shimano website to understand their ***8220;lines***8221; of components and you***8217;ll be able to compare the bikes at the store yourself.

For me I found a huge advantage in clipless pedals too. Although best to practice clipping in and out at home on the lawn before you just slowly keel over like an idiot when you try to stop and a red light.

lemontw 08-17-2019 16:18


Originally Posted by Flash (Post 19105054)
Road 6 hours

u wot m8

Plasmatic 08-17-2019 17:07

I used to race and travel all over, then I found Tribes, and then girls. :(

Plasmatic 08-17-2019 17:19

There's also a custom aluminum bike buried in there. No paint or clear coat I need to dig out when I insulate the rest of the garage. I robbed parts of i to fix the red cannondale because it was faster and I could out climb anyone on it.

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SuperTrap 08-17-2019 19:35

I'm more of a stoner beach cruiser myself

SeVeReD 08-17-2019 20:47


Originally Posted by SuperTrap (Post 19105078)
I'm more of a stoner beach cruiser myself

Do you need advice?
I've been waiting for someone to ask me for advice about stoner beach cruisers.
Here's what I use to get to the beach.

clu 08-17-2019 21:18

can you wheelie on a mountain bike? i have a gopro and want to start a wheelie kay type channel

amRam 08-17-2019 21:51


Originally Posted by lemontw (Post 19105048)
mary is 2% faster than me so she kicked my ass at the last race

you'll get garbage for $1000 so I'd look at stuff like this

2015 Superfly 9.8 Custom Build - bicycles - by owner

Ok but is it really "garbage" for a newb though?

I don't have a frame of reference. Like, I consider a Kawasaki ZX6R to be garbage but for a newb that's like buying a Ferrari to start with.

Edofnor 08-17-2019 22:01

u need a klein

Brasstax 08-17-2019 22:17

I have had a tone of different bikes overt the years. I was living in Boulder, CO around the time that Rock Shox came out.

Some of my friends had them but at the time, I had a bike that turned out to be my favorite all time bike. I still have it. It needs work.

And here is the make and model:

Diamondback Apex. This was before they were bought and cheapened up.

I added some Zoom brahma bars -
look like this

I didn't want to clip in like some of my friends - who I watched take some amazing spills on the trails.

So, I had tight rat traps

No suspension front or back.

I really should dust that thing off.

At the time, we had a Specialized bikes in town. Probably still does.

Some of the names I remember were Rockhoppers and Stumpjumpers.

Rockhoppers might be the best classic mountain bike of all time.

Good times. Great bikes. I have always preferred steel.

Ahhh member berries

SeVeReD 08-17-2019 23:11


Originally Posted by clu (Post 19105110)
can you wheelie on a mountain bike? i have a gopro and want to start a wheelie kay type channel

You cannot wheelie on a stoner beach cruiser because then your board's tail would crater on the concrete.

I bought a Diamond Back at Costco for my wife, but it looks nothing like Plasmatics. In Mazatlan we have the Malacon; an 18 mile long wide sidewalk that runs the length of the coast... fairly flat. I stoner beach bike cruise it.

Plasmatic 08-18-2019 02:09

Yeah, don't buy from Costco. The last few times I was there the bikes were assembled with the handlebars upside down...

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clu 08-18-2019 03:23

****k i want a bike

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