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DC. 01-12-2019 14:03

either opsayo or i will be getting banned from pickups very soon
opsayo and i have come to this agreement:

lordkermit will review some demos of mine and determine if i would get banned from competition for the demos (suspected cheating)

if lordkermit says no this is not ban-worthy, opsayo will be banned from pickups 4 life

if lordkermit says yes this is ban-worthy, then i will be banned from pickups for life

we are both allowed 2 discuss what is happening in each demo, individually with lordkermit

disclaimer: lordkermit has not agreed to any of this LOL

i would like to add a twist: if lordkermit does not agree to this, both of us get banned from pickups. this will force lordkermit to make an honest decision. (this was not agreed upon but i'd like to add this in)

p.s. this was generally opsayo's idea.

DC. 01-12-2019 16:00

in very anti-climactic fashion, i was informed that lordkermit determined there was no cheats in said demo he viewed.

tbh i was expecting it 2 be more exciting as i didnt even get 2 talk 2 lordkermit about it so it was no fun 4 me.

but opsayo has agreed 2 b banned from tribes pickups 4 life. (not really my idea fyi)

lemontw 01-12-2019 16:13

u wot m8

jjwtay 01-12-2019 20:12

this story is gewd. I can't wait to read the 2nd and 3rd parts of the trilogy.

LordKermit 01-13-2019 00:45

hi jj

hyung 01-13-2019 01:54

send help

vamp 01-13-2019 17:37

send said demos?

Laughing-Stork 01-13-2019 18:16

Laughing-Stork 01-13-2019 18:39

4 hand nades, disc on flag, 90 degree turn, moving towards out going route without ever seeing or hearing the enemy capper.

I was his home D during this game and you can see me dueling nonreg during this clip. I don't remember calling out the capper behind him and it's highly unlikely I did given my position. Now do I know if we were even on a VOIP.

This play doesn't happen on stand where one might make this play just a precaution. This is an open field play with no knowledge of enemy position.

I believe this is the use of perm radar iffs and possibly regular perm iffs(wall hacks).

You can see in the dirty version, the enemy capper's iff appears on the radar and I believe he uses that info to time this play on the flag. With the use of radar iffs, you don't need to scan for iffs behind hills like you would with wallhax, you simply glance at the radar and adjust your position accordingly.

This play does not guarantee the use of wallhax but I can't rule them out either.

In my own personal opinion I'm a firm believer snow was using a bypass to the 1.30 anticheat. He was definitely using permanent radar iffs and possibly regular permanent iffs as well. I'm suspect he was using interpolate set to 0 as well given that he had a bypass as well. Although we allow this now, he was doing it at a time when we didn't and it only added to his advantage.

Snow is one of the best duelers and arena players ever and is a solid LT player as well. But I think of him as an ******* with a big ego. I don't care much for people who openly troll members of this community who have contributed much more than himself. He's a twat but I don't think we should ban him now for what he did years ago.

Groove 01-13-2019 20:55

put wiener on grill

DC. 01-14-2019 13:07

i will try 2 continually update this post with interesting arguments/various points ppl have made with me. these things may or may not be related to the OP:

1) you can tell if someone is interpolating by watching their demo

2) if someone gets more than 25 chaingun kills per game, they were probably interpolating

3) it is not realistic 2 b able 2 consistently whore people down with a 60 ping (implied argument)

4) inability to understand why out of the pool of ~60 people, lordkermit would probably be the best judge of cheats considering his general tribes history (tho argument can be made he lacks arena/duel experience but only 60 ppl left etc etc)

5) implication of a lack of definitional knowledge of the difference between suspicion and evidence

6) specifically in a tribes game: hitscan weapons with low dps is the same thing as stronger dps weapons with slow projectile speed

7) this thead: i am a ****. by DC. - TribalWar Forums

8) this video clip: Fedz - YouTube

9) the main reason ppl saw such huge improvement around 2010 was due to ppl upgrading to optical mice from ball mice and getting good enuff computers to run tribes 1. this played an equal part as netset.

10) on average, providing constructive criticism in a nice manner will yield similar outcomes/reactions to constructive criticism provided in a rude and mean manner. instead of attempting to change the the behavior of people giving good criticism in a rude manner, the receivers of this criticism should toughen up and learn to remove emotion from the critiques so they can improve.

will update upon recollection

The Magical Zoo 01-14-2019 13:24

lol u played on ****ty teams and bribed nofix for a bypass long after the game died

we can close the book on this dude's character and legacy

[meph] still plays 01-14-2019 13:35

snow you are a funny guy

tribalwar you are a ****ty guy

2:37 01-14-2019 15:17

lol you make this thread like everyone isnt using it atm.. that's the funniest part.

Will come back once opsayo and maybe bugs update an patch out all the bs.

You can run one route and realise that 90% of the people playing atm are either using perm iffs or super radar... their even timing their re spawns for arrivals on base routes.

Makes hiding pretty much redundant.. i mean the day you cant hide on sh is the day tribes is truly getting to a filthy point.

There is no motivation as a capper to play atm.

especially when you hear things like "your just not that quick" or "its the comms their calling out the comms really well"

Everyone knows that your doing it.. and have been for a long time.. just accept your not really that good at gaming and that's why you play a hacked out game where even most of the admins and server owners are trying to hide the fact that people are doing it...

lyon blue ect..

PS its cause their using it too most of the time...

Also if you ever doubt anyone make them manually connect to bugs server straight from the server their playing 99% of them will say no... because they know his code will pick it up and they will be logged.


Flipp 01-14-2019 18:44

d00 no1 givvafux yall fitin 2 c who da bigga chit eetr b yall both totez fukkn garbo @ dedtreeb smdh lol :jester:

2:37 01-14-2019 19:26


But thanks for not killing your self when you were old enough to realize you were black and your parents never loved you.

Flipp 01-14-2019 20:01

d00 triggd af 4 bein wyte trash effemcuck ***** dat sux chit @ all wypipo gaymz smdh lol :jester:

lemontw 01-14-2019 20:26


lemontw 01-14-2019 20:30

ok I watched that **** maybe u guys should stop cheating with that radar hud and play the game without hax

DC. 01-14-2019 21:52

updated post

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