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gambit1983 06-18-2016 14:55

I Went to Culinary School

bam 06-18-2016 15:09

Cool. Which one did you go to?

gambit1983 06-18-2016 15:28

le cordon bleu, boston

bam 06-18-2016 17:26

Cool. So are you going to open a restaurant or what do you want to do now?

gambit1983 06-18-2016 19:28

i've given a lot of thought to opening something small in the furture.

nigafool 06-18-2016 19:58

so u spent like 20k in tuition to get a job making $10 an hour

good idea

gambit1983 06-18-2016 20:42

didn't cost that much douche bag

nigafool 06-19-2016 10:42

i dont believe you but it doesn’t matter

going to culinary school is a waste of time and money end of story

so where do you work now and how much do you make

tell the truth

gambit1983 06-19-2016 12:10

McDonalds, 32 dollars an hour.

[meph] still plays 06-19-2016 13:18

im a prep cook at the local elk lodge

i get paid in pogs

nigafool 06-19-2016 15:53

im thinking about opening up a small restaurant

i went to a diploma factory culinary school so this is right up my alley

gambit1983 06-19-2016 18:40

i helped open one up fool :P

Magkneetoe 07-20-2016 07:31

What kind of food will you serve?

Zanthious 07-23-2016 21:00

im going to have to take a guess and say Cajun.

WeldonDoomy 05-30-2017 19:29

I Went to Culinary School
Didnt exist when I left school. Some of us just went to the pub after school finished


DaisyJat 06-06-2017 18:30

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Edofnor 06-08-2017 21:09


Originally Posted by nigafool (Post 18592859)
im thinking about opening up a small restaurant

i went to a diploma factory culinary school so this is right up my alley

yo nigafool

as a dood who didn't go 2 culinary school but worked as a cook for 10 years


culinary school is p good 4 learning how 2 move about w/ a flourish and showing off some quick knife skills (pls gloss over the end result, speed is wat u need, also it is ok if u bleed)

also, thank u donald trump aka vladimir putin 4 bumping this thread w/ ur spam (no doubt inspired by the EVIL SKIMLINKS THAT RAYN HAS IMPLEMENTED)

darkpiece 09-13-2017 00:57

i invite all the b0ts in this thread 2 come 2 my house

plz pm 4 direction!


Frank_Miller 10-11-2017 06:43

I really love cooking, and I would also like to go to the culinary school after my work. But my wife, unfortunately, is against it. I even dream of releasing my little book of recipes, but my family thinks it's not serious. I'm a creative person, advise me, please evening culinary school or I do not mind online learning. :ftard:
_________________________ _________________________ _____
I'm a freelance writer writingcheap company.

GreyGhost 10-11-2017 21:43

Start at an entry level position, grill scraper/grease tank manger.

Then work your way up to a cooks position.

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