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HellSpawn07 08-05-2015 02:06

Television Interview
We were graciously given the opportunity to be on TV a few times as this is our second appearance.
Sound quality was seriously vocal heavy[as expected for a local station per inexperienced on site tech]
but we have a few more appearances coming in the future and will post when made available.

Fiftywatt Freight Train visits WBTV 3 News for Charlotte, NC

AniMisM 08-05-2015 14:14

Nice, you're the drummer right? You guys all look nervous on camera, which is understandable but maybe something to work on, especially for the singer. Good performance, but like you said, it's too bad they don't have a competent tech or sound engineer. I guess they mean well, but why even have bands on if you don't have the equipment to mic and present them properly? Almost does you a disservice.

HellSpawn07 08-06-2015 04:37

We weren't nervous at all, just a little dissapointed with the sound tech and a hair frustrated. We had played with acts such as Skillet/Saliva/Tantric. This was a completely different experience, that's all. Thank you for your input though AniMisM...very much appreciated :)

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