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samUwell 08-14-2019 15:17

Politicans... criminals... mistakes?
Ok, this is awesome.

Facial recognition program mistakes 26 California lawmakers for criminals

When two California lawmakers came together Tuesday to champion a bill that would block police departments from using facial recognition technology in their body cameras, it was personal.

After all, both lawmakers — Assemblyman Phil Ting, D-San Francisco, and Assemblyman Reggie Jones-Sawyer, D-Los Angeles — were among the 26 state legislators who were falsely identified as criminals when their portraits were compared to a mugshot database.

Ting, who has co-sponsored Assembly Bill 1215 along with the ACLU, argued that body camera technology was implemented across the state in order to build community trust and police accountability.

“Instead of a tool that is really supposed to build bridges, it now becomes a tool of surveillance,” Ting said at a press conference Tuesday.

Ting said the fact that his face, and those of 25 other lawmakers, showed up as a positive match by the facial recognition program was a demonstration “about how this software is absolutely not ready for primetime.”


They are politicians. 99% of the **** they do is criminal so if you ask me, the software is working as intended.

cael 08-14-2019 15:24

sucks for all the people who don't live in cali that won't have restrictions

T-Dawg 08-14-2019 16:20

26 out of 80 California Assemblymen is only 32.5% accuracy, but I would vote in favor of facial recognition if they just promised they would try to identify them all as criminals. In other words, it's a good start.

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