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Slobax 08-18-2008 19:02

Download the client?
Anywhere to download the client without buying the game on direct2drive?

Already have my account, just lost the dvds :|

godswill 08-18-2008 19:19

Enjoy downloading 25g for a game that is a steaming pile of monkey balls on a platter with cherries and things of assorted nature on top.

**** you

Slobax 08-18-2008 19:42


I believe the client is like 13gb compressed. But yeah, I'm bored and need something to play till WAR.

FalseMyrmidon 08-21-2008 12:38

Just masterbate every time you want to play AOC, you'll enjoy it more.

Jamezeo 08-22-2008 08:05

dunno if you found it by now, but to help a fellow tdubber out

Comes in 8 chunks of 1.8gb each. Enjoy.

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