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substance 12-04-2009 15:33

[Brink]New FPS from Splash Damage
steam group #brink

Shazbot Central:

vent in irc.

Obibun 12-04-2009 15:58

wow a screenshot and a video

what an insightful and informative post you made

kyuss 12-04-2009 15:59

movement looks labored and slow, must be a console?

substance 12-04-2009 16:00


Originally Posted by Obibun (Post 15135258)
wow a screenshot and a video

what an insightful and informative post you made

I would think a video would be better than a wall of text...

Obibun 12-04-2009 16:03

sometimes a description of the video and/or game mentioned, however brief, can prove successful

Shopper47 12-04-2009 16:03

Eh it looks nondescript. Why do console games always have to make the characters and background always be so damn blurry and identically coloured. Bad Company 2 is the first game I've found where everything is sharp and clear.

Vermouth 12-04-2009 16:09

attractive graphics, but it's dark as ****. i hate when games do that. LET ME SEE WHERE THE **** IM GOING.

Got Haggis? 12-04-2009 16:19

Brink (video game) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

[MD5]Hash 12-04-2009 16:22

Oh hey, a realistic combat first person shooter with MP5s, grenade launchers, shotguns, and sniper rifles, this is new.

Also, check out those awesome graphics, those hyper-blurred ground textures really bring out the subtleties of the different shades of rust that make up the walls. All they need now is some various construction equipment and needless catwalks and walkwa. . .oh, they already have that. Well then this game is sure to please the masses.

carouselambra 12-04-2009 16:54

Dear video game industry: please refer to Wikipedia or some other informative website to obtain the latest infromation on colors other than grey, black, rust and beige.

Eso 06-18-2010 14:08

Brink Video Game, E3 2010: Walkthrough HD | Game Trailers & Videos |

looks promising.

a few members of area51 are cautiously optimistic.

max 06-18-2010 14:19

Guy on the left has a tiny head.

Shopper47 06-18-2010 14:22

Looks better imo

Feannag 06-18-2010 14:22

Watched the cinematic trailer on gametrailers. It was a pretty cool trailer, but of course has no indication of how good the game will be.

Travace 06-18-2010 14:27

you guys are tough on games...
:shrug: it looks kinda fun for a min to me.

HypnosisFX 06-18-2010 14:33

Game looks slow and that guy must of dropped 2 clips to kill 2 M60 power no

Hudson 06-18-2010 15:22

ETQW no thank you.

Plasmatic 06-18-2010 15:41

LouCypher 06-18-2010 16:46


Originally Posted by Hudson (Post 15670898)
ETQW no thank you.

ET:QW had balance issues because Strogg had totally different toys and abilities from those available to the GDF.

Brink should be closer to Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory as far as balance is concerned. You're playing two human factions with matching weapons and classes, just like Axis vs Allies in W:ET.

I'm really looking forward to Brink.

PyroTeknik 06-18-2010 17:33

Brink is looking pretty good IMO.
I hope it doesn't get consolized too much as far as the shooting goes, but the fact that you can climb on everything is awesome. It's like Mirror's Edge with proper shooty bits.
This looks like a simplified ET:QW without the vehicles (which were the part I disliked about it), but not exactly like ET.

I like the graphical style too. Everybody looks like some sort of cartoony rapist.

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