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triple 08-31-2012 02:07

TEST is bad at corp theft
I'm a logi guy in TEST and once you get in, you get access to the logistics hangar which has about 8-9 logged containers, but about 2-3 billion worth of stuff just available for loans (covops cloaks, SBUs, BRs, etc.)

That's all on the honor system of course, and an alliance this big isn't going to sweat 2-3bil of losses, but just the same some guy stole all the stuff that wasn't nailed down last night.

So at this point the logi channel lights up and everyone is like okay, we're changing API rules, someone stole a bunch of ****.

An hour goes by, and we find out this dude actually contracted all this stuff, and then all his stuff to an alliance JF service to Jita.

I'm gonna repeat that.

He stole a bunch of **** from the alliance...

And then contracted it back to the same alliance...

along with all his own stuff...

to haul his stolen goods from alliance space to Jita.

So now we got all the stuff back, the thief is blacklisted from the two largest coalitions in EVE, and they're auctioning his stuff off to the highest bidder.

****in eve man.

triple 08-31-2012 03:08

oh yeah, I forgot.

This guy also had JF skills himself, he was just too lazy.

Mogs 09-02-2012 16:54

Test Alliance: Best of the Worst Thieves | THE MITTANI dot com


triple 09-12-2012 02:02

I posted this before that went up. I have logi hangar access..

Vlasic 09-17-2012 09:59

Wow real genius right there

[N]PRIME189 12-13-2012 10:14

zimi come back

Vlasic 12-27-2012 00:05


Vlasic 01-20-2013 17:39

what the ****ing ****?

ViRGE 01-23-2013 08:06

It's called spam.

Mogs 01-23-2013 17:08

I like how random it is. Apparently they were armed with pistols and stray rabbits.

ViRGE 01-24-2013 00:52


Originally Posted by Mogs (Post 17550379)
I like how random it is. Apparently they were armed with pistols and stray rabbits.

Randomness is a good way to get past bayesian content filtering.

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