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haniblecter 02-05-2012 10:30

EVE Has got to enable more cap kills
A new dev blog outlines the numbers for 2011 in kills and production:

EVE Online | EVE Insider | Dev Blog

Apparently, 27 caps got killed a day in EVE last year.

Not bad, ok.

But a whopping 6 an hour were built.

Wtf? Can CCP make it so ****s risk their damn caps more? Even given the rate at which new pilots get into caps, 6 an hour is soo outside the realm of replacement for 27 a day that its disgusting.

There has to be some way to encourage people to lose their caps?

GKFC 02-05-2012 18:14

Supercap proliferation is ridiculous... something does need to be done about it.

You say make it so they want to risk it more, tbh I think it should be the other way around. Make it so that there's a considerable loss involved for fielding caps that get welped. Then people won't be so cavalier about blobbing with them.
e.g. losing skills like with Strategic Cruisers.

Some brightspark suggested making an even BIGGER ship than the Titan to counteract them... /facepalm

Mogs 02-05-2012 23:31


we WANT them to die and thus WANT them to risk it more. Penalizing people for flying them and losing them would just make people horde them and use a safety in numbers mentality. 90% of current supercap kills stem from people being idiots. there is very rarely a crazy giant supercap fight like o2o or uemon and even in those fights, not a great number were lost.

the real problem is that alliances can field 50+ titans regularly and are STILL pumping them out. in my alliance, we are actually running out of people to get supercaps to. have i mentioned i was offered a supercap?!? ME?!? that's desperation for ya.


GKFC 02-06-2012 06:46

How would that work? How would you encourage people to welp their caps then? Make them cheaper? More powerful? Less skill curve involved to get them?

Then you'd have more caps being made and put on the field... not less... doesn't that defeat the purpose?

At least if people are hording them they aren't flying them. If there's a real discernable penalty involved then it'll make pilots second guess the decision to put them on the field.

Cuda 02-06-2012 14:09

Jump Drive Stabilization - Rank 64
5% less chance of exploding after jump drive activation per level

haniblecter 02-06-2012 16:01

Only thing I can think of would be to make objectives only achievable with them, so that they're used more.

But that just necessitates more supercaps. So idk. Maybe if EVE reaches a certain critical mass of caps, then they'll just be used soo nonchalantly that eventually the make to destroy ratio becomes more sane. That, or soo much ISK gets put into circulation that wealth catches up with supercap production faster...much as it has with carriers.

GKFC 02-07-2012 01:30

tbh it's slightly less about the numbers out there for me, more about the potential for misuse.

Ultimately if you have more caps you should be able to win engagements like POS-bashing battles, but not just hotdrop them into any situation to give you the advantage over another (better specced) fleet.

Few ideas off the top of my head (along with the "Jump Drive Stabilization" penalty thing before):

1). Limit caps to only being able to attack or assist smaller ships within a certain radius of a POS / station (or if targeted / aggressed) otherwise their combat modules and drone bay are offlined. Or something. Stop them being dropped into fleet ops in open space and being left there to tank / rep.

If you're going after SOV you should have a fleet set up in such a way as to take caps into consideration.

and / or

2). A new ship. But not another cap. A smaller BC perhaps.

The Mongoose (patent pending).

Something that is specifically designed to attack caps, but only caps. Can only target ships above a certain mass for example. Would need to be balanced so that caps aren't completely removed from the equation obviously.

Take several of these out into your fleet for protection against cap blobs.

Making another bigger ship is dumb as it'll take forever to get into circulation. Having something smaller and punchy can make a discernable change to the game sooner rather than later. But it'd need to be done right.

There's been talk of it already, and CCP have a habit of getting balance wrong so may not take off.


idk, just thinking out loud.

cepo 03-01-2012 03:23

A smaller cap-ship buster might be a nice thing, whether it take the form of a new ship class or a new weapon system class for smaller ships to equip.

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