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telos 03-03-2009 21:20

there are aparently people with 1700 votes :( I'm confused. I only have emails about 1500 of them.

Rayn 03-03-2009 21:26

ok stickying this for tomorrow.

telos 03-03-2009 21:30

Thanks, now lets win this so I can give TW another $100 :).

Oh and not pay for a wedding of course. Still waiting on some NGFM wisdom.

Amazon Jim 03-03-2009 21:37


I'll send you some condoms for the wedding present. :shrug:


Congratulations! You have received total of 15 Bonus Votes to award to your favorite couple!
Thank you for registering to vote in Feldmann Nissan***8217;s Dream Wedding Giveaway!

CosmicBlend 03-03-2009 21:39

I am registered and ready for tomorrow w/ 15 vote points

Metropolis 03-03-2009 21:44


Originally Posted by CosmicBlend (Post 14333202)
I am registered and ready for tomorrow w/ 15 vote points


i also own a bentley, ferrari and a lambo with plans to buy a rolls in 3 months. :)

good luck dude!

MadBoFo 03-03-2009 21:44

whats this thread about again?

Lamb 03-03-2009 21:45

signed up, 15 votes ready to go

zorro 03-03-2009 21:54

i'm ready to vote whenever.

hastie 03-03-2009 21:55


Originally Posted by greeny (Post 14330379)
i regged and got 15 bonus votes but ****ers arent sending me the confirmation email.

this is lame

check your spam folder

oh, and who's making the greasemonkey script that will auto-vote for us so we don't have to do anything?


her parents must be proud...

telos 03-03-2009 22:00

There are some real winner couples there. Some on their umpteenth marriage. Not that I'm worried about competing with 40+ year olds who don't have a way to harness the internet. So far we have the biggest face book group as well. This will be a fun run.

LoneGunman 03-03-2009 22:00

regd w/ 15

Beren 03-03-2009 22:03


Originally Posted by Grief (Post 14330267)
Registered. Got the 15 votes all ready.

got home and another office to do it at again encase they are ip checking.

SonGohan 03-03-2009 22:05

Keep this stickied. When I get home, I'll make sure to vote.

Amazon Jim 03-03-2009 22:07

Hell, get a greesemonkey going and I'll get another 30 votes with 2 other IPs. :D

FargoBear 03-03-2009 22:07

I registered. Will vote once I'm confirmed.

soundjester 03-03-2009 22:12


Originally Posted by Android1 (Post 14330251)
regged and ready to vote :)

Mantua 03-03-2009 22:18

regged and ready, +15
tell the little lady I said I hope she's keeping her maiden name, because yours is ****ing crazy

congrats and good luck

Yoda 03-03-2009 22:20

Regged and ready to vote tomorrow with 15 bonus votes.

Edit: ps. is there no way to do this with multiple e-mails/IPs?

slacker 03-03-2009 22:22

the site shows to me that you only have 1000 votes. Why do others have more before the voting even starts? How did you get 1000?

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