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Rayn 03-05-2009 14:23

idk if we can keep up with an open invite to the entire internet

TheAnk 03-05-2009 14:24

voted again :bigthumb:

that brings it to 5648!

slacker 03-05-2009 14:27


Originally Posted by Rayn (Post 14338793)
idk if we can keep up with an open invite to the entire internet

I wonder if we have any TW hookup that would be willing to offer a prize like the xbox. How are they beating us so bad?

NAT Mav 03-05-2009 14:38


Late to the party but count me in. I'll give ya a vote every morning from work and my "wife" will be voting from home when able. :wink:

We helped get Taurus' ho new boobs, so what the hell.

JustinCase 03-05-2009 14:57


Originally Posted by Rayn (Post 14338793)
idk if we can keep up with an open invite to the entire internet

agreed, everyone who regularly visits tw has seen this and already got their 16 votes in, meanwhile this other site is giving away free xboxs which means they'll probably have new people visiting each day and signing up for the first time

eMOxygen 03-05-2009 15:09

Voted for day 2. Only +1 though :(

telos 03-05-2009 15:15

Don't get disheartened now.

My mother just reported the xbox contest. She called for an update, you know how mothers are, told her whats up and she went off and reported them :P

Hence my reasoning for editing the public version of this thread. Our little inhouse contest is still on have no fear.

Hell if thats fair game I have no problem giving away electronics for votes thats easier and probably more cost effective then just this little in house contest.

silentsam 03-05-2009 15:25

voted again

shorti 03-05-2009 15:31

My "girlfriend" just voted from "her" phone.

JustinCase 03-05-2009 15:32

tw isn't THAT big, we have to get creative and think of a way to get this out to more internet people

DeaconBlues 03-05-2009 15:35

Voted today.

WeRe-|WoLf|- 03-05-2009 15:39

Once you sort out whether to go that route, if TW will support/endorse a public contest of some kind to garner votes then I'll donate a lower level prize package or two, such as a couple of classic consoles that I refurb (mostly N64/Sega) and some other new/used gaming swag.

This would include the coveted Legions temporary tattoos. You know you want them! :mecry:

sheex 03-05-2009 15:47


flowne 03-05-2009 15:50

voted again today

Reverend Zero 03-05-2009 15:51

Voted again.

telos 03-05-2009 15:54

hell if TW was willing to back a public contest i would keep this in house one running and get a **** load of random electronics and what not to host a big public one as well.

It would get a bunch of traffic for TW as well :) stock the contest page with ads and what not.

I'll let you all know what they come back with.

JustinCase 03-05-2009 15:58

hey, maybe we can get people to view the front page!

Lamb 03-05-2009 16:06

voted again

telos 03-05-2009 16:08

Kevin Maki & Jaelynn Ruckdashel 5942
Brandan Iwaszko & Gabrielle Pastore 5739
Andy Shanley & Sherri Earley 4169
Randy Cota & Leah Windsperger 3080
Brandon Kuske & Kathryn Sachwitz 3065
Michael Bell & LaToya Davis 2784
Jason Sole & Jeanette Jackson 2627
Donice Sweats & DeVonna Brasson 2602
Eric Prawalsky & Amy Huble 2540
Adam Nichols & Breanna Noyce 2506

current ranking. Considering they are publicly buying votes I think we are doing pretty damn well. Key word being publicly ;)

butters 03-05-2009 16:31


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