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Ares 11-12-2019 08:19

KingSobieski 11-12-2019 09:08

Someone post something fun

Originally Posted by ArakAtak (Post 19136551)
That honestly makes me very sad

jfc, it's not hard u know, even if u butcher the stripping, at least friggin twist it properly

I donít believe you twist wires that go into a terminal.

So I redid whatever wiring had already been ran and got good finished runs on 2 of the 5 units since those wires were long enough. Sorta hoping itíd be like an example so he can finish. I guess instead of buying a 300ft roll of wire he was trying to buy 30ft for one unit, 40ft for one unit etc and everything came up short.

I told him heíd have to solder/heat shrink the wires on the outside to get the extra length.
Cause thereís no way to junction block or wire nut and keep it water proof.

Later he says whyíd you say they were short, heís a bit annoyed and insinuating. They reach just fine. Iím perplexed cause I didnít see how. So I walk around the side heís got these cords from the 2nd floor stretched taught and going diagonal out to the compressor unit. Theyre all shoved up against the cover and itís all bent and pryed open and ****ed.

By this point i couldíve already have finished the system if it was new in the box and he hadnít touched it. Already fixed his crushed lines, lines heíd stuffed full of mud trying to shove them through the crawl space etc. The locations for the units was all wrong, the crawl space under the house was too small to dream of running a line set. Itís all mud all around the house etc. like JFC a load of gravel is $60.

I was just helping out cause he has like 5 kids running around and I wanted to help them out and get some heat but at that point it was best to walk away and let him do it himself if he wasnít going to listen to the stuff I was saying. His yard was just full of junk and circle saws and mitre saws just rusting and sitting in mud.

I think there was some mental illness going on, I seen some rough places before but it was like twilight zone over at that place.

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ArakAtak 11-13-2019 05:47


Originally Posted by KingSobieski (Post 19136557)
I don***8217;t believe you twist wires that go into a terminal.

Doesn't really matter either way, depends on how the fit is with an untwisted wire.

Point is, those ones were twisted and it looked like old lady pubes sticking out everywhere.

But yeah, I'd walk away, sounds like a nightmare

covenant 11-13-2019 09:49

This some funny **** right here. The

Plasmatic 11-13-2019 18:29

When his house burns down it will be your fault. Walk away my friend.

bonepuppet 11-14-2019 21:19

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i seen some **** once

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