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Bullseye 11-05-2008 21:11

RIP hfingers
Heya Teedub.

Howard aka Howie Finger was killed early Sunday morning in a car crash in PA. He was driving and apparently went off the road, struck a tree and burst into flames at 3am in Robinson Township, PA. Both he and his passenger, Kimberly Hertzler, died at the scene.

A lot of you may remember Howie from a few threads he made around here or UVALAN's. He's the guy that started the brown recluse spider bite mania (with the grossest pics I've ever seen on here, and that's saying a lot!). He ended up losing a finger to that ****ing spider (oh, the IRONY). One of the last things I got to say to him was now he'd finally have an excuse for sucking at tribes games.

Howie lost his son, Carter, to neuroblastoma just over a year ago (Aug 07). I figure he just wanted to see the little guy again. I've got so many stories floating around my head, and I'm just not sure they'd come out well in text. Howie was definitely a 'had to be there' guy, and somehow he always was.

As I mentioned, his son was fighting that ****ing kid cancer, and lasting a LOT longer than anyone had ever thought possible with how bad he had it. The ups and downs of it drove Howie into a drug binge after years and years of seeing his son legally tortured by 'medicine'. I can't say I blame him. I mean, Carter was in the middle of an awful round of treatments, and he asked for his favorite barbecue ribs. When he got them, he would take a bite, chew it and swallow it and then vomit it out within 5 seconds, then he'd lean back in and take another bite, swallow it and vomit it out. This is what he watched his kid go through. This is why I understand going on a binge, but he really got ****ed up.

Now here's what still makes me say "HUH?". He's blown all his money on smack. He steals some **** from a Walmart to get another fix. That runs out, so he ends up stealing this girls purse and getting caught shortly after. He does some time in jail, and ends up meeting up with the girl who's purse he stole, and they hook up and were together up until Sunday at 3am.

Howie was always the life of the party, and I am going to miss him terribly. Please don't feel like you have to post anything, this was really just for me to vent a bit. It just figures, he was getting **** back together, and gets bit by the ****ing spider, he recovered from that and was getting his **** back together again, and he's dead and on fire under a tree at 3am.

**** life sometimes....**** you fate and your ****ing ironic sense of humor.

<3's Howie....

SuicideSnowman 11-05-2008 21:12

This guy had some pretty bad luck.

Blotter 11-05-2008 21:12

holy ****

that guy was cursed


kesh 11-05-2008 21:12

uh...for real?

i mean first before the idiots he was just an internet persona, but i think I met him once or twice at UVAs...


Golgac 11-05-2008 21:12

Holy crap. RIP

That guy had a lot of **** go against him.

op imply suicide?

Baby Bew 11-05-2008 21:13

Is this for serious?

kat korge15 11-05-2008 21:13


Morganstern 11-05-2008 21:14

Jesus, that's terrible. God rest his soul.

Wish Bear 11-05-2008 21:14

OMG....that sucks.....holy ****....

skysnipe 11-05-2008 21:14

Wtf are you serious? That ****ing sucks......

His son died too =[

321Gone_ 11-05-2008 21:15

didnt know him, but RIP... condolences to his friends and family. :\

Bad_CRC 11-05-2008 21:15

**** man. :(

I'm bummed, he seemed like a good guy.



euph 11-05-2008 21:15


Orestes 11-05-2008 21:16

That sucks :( RIP

omega81 11-05-2008 21:16

If this is true, holy **** he must have pissed of an old gypsie woman or something.

LGBR 11-05-2008 21:16

holy ****


JoMo 11-05-2008 21:18


qcksilver316 11-05-2008 21:18

oh well

assfrags 11-05-2008 21:18

**** him.

Rovero 11-05-2008 21:18

Jesus, such fate. RIP.

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