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HelenKeller 09-20-2017 13:44

[NFL] Week 3

TrojanMan421 09-20-2017 14:12

lol rams @ 9ers on thurs.

cancer 09-20-2017 15:29

ugh road chalk

houston 09-20-2017 15:31

**** the NFL, it's designed to maximize commercial air-time and who wants to watch overpaid thugs disrespect the capitalism that pays them millions for playing a kids game.

NoGodForMe 09-20-2017 15:32

Besides the Miami game at 1pm, which Miami should win, the rest of the games suck for South Florida. I could care less about Bengals/Packers or Giants/Eagles. That's ok, I'll watch the Miami game at 1pm, drink a few, eat dinner, listen to MP3s, go to bed early. Only problem with that is missing The Orville, but I can catch it the next day on demand. Even if I watch the episode buzzed, I won't remember it. Happened to me last week. I was drinking when watching the show, didn't remember much of it. Had to go back and watch it again, then it all came back to me. Like the memory was there, but I couldn't access it. I knew it was about a zoo, the captain and the girl were captured, but I didn't remember how they got out until I watched it again.

Snake{TS} 09-20-2017 15:38

Why is the NFL still doing those stupid ****ing jerseys for the Thursday night games?

Is anyone actually purchasing those pieces of ****?

slogg 09-20-2017 15:40

ill be skipping this week. maybe ill go to the beach or clean my apartment or something.

EagleScream 09-20-2017 16:42

I cheer for the Bears, we will be lucky to win a game this season.

After we get destroyed by the Steelers in week 3 we have:

Destruction by the Pack in week 4
Being speared by the Vikings in week 5
Ravens eating dead bear roadkill in week 6
A mauling by the panthers in week 7

Week 8 is our first chance to truly win a game though I say the Saints will be better leaving us at 0-8 half way through. By now talk of firing Pace or Fox will become noticeable in the papers but it is Chicago and they had a tough first half so give them some more time will reign supreme at this point (groan)

Our best week is week 9 where we do not lose since we have a bye

Crushed by the Pack in week 10. Sure their defense is overrated but we have no offense...

Lions will make us look like a bad NCAA team in week 11

Eagles will beat us only by a tad in week 12. Eagles IMO do not have a strong team but compared to the bears this season, almost everyone is better...

Week 13 will be the unofficial **** bowl with the Chicago Bears hosting the 49ers. This will be a crucial point in the Bears season. If they lose then expect Fox to be fired and by now probably Pace as well after his Trubisky experiment proves to be a total complete FAIL of epic proportions. Of course knowing my luck they will win although expect Fox to be fired by seasons end anyhow. Pace probably will remain another season (groan)

Week 14 - Cincinnati, another teams the Bears could conceivably beat but realistically won't. 1 & 12 is my predicition at the end of this week.

Week 15 - Lions if they have not already done so will roar into the playoffs with a win over Chicago

Week 16 - The Browns have a horrible team, but this season the Bears will be worse 1 & 14

Week 17 - A loss to the Vikings and the torture is over until next season. McCaskey hopefully will fire Pace but I suspect it will be next year that will happen. Fox should be gone, so just another year of horrible draft picks by Pace to look forward to and one more RIDICULOUSLY horrible season in 2018 before I can begin to have hope I figure...

slogg 09-20-2017 17:04

i honestly think the week 4 packers game is up for grabs. its a thursday night game and those always suck.

those games never make any sense (see week 1 patriots/chiefs)

cheezit 09-21-2017 00:10

something something **** nfl coverage maps something....

HelenKeller 09-21-2017 00:12

hey at least with this TNF game you can't blame the **** play on the night they're playing

and those goddamn niners color rush uniforms aren't bad until you try to spot a number or name quickly

LGBR 09-21-2017 09:56

browns about 2 go on a tear and win the rest of their games this season

HelenKeller 09-21-2017 17:09


A study of deceased ex-Patriots TE Aaron Hernandez's brain revealed a case of Stage 3 CTE.

Stage 3 CTE is associated with "cognitive impairment and trouble with executive functions like planning and organizing." Hernandez was one of the youngest ex-players to be diagnosed with the brain disorder, which is the result of repeated head trauma. Serving a life sentence for murder, Hernandez committed suicide in April.

cancer 09-21-2017 17:24

now that there's a 3v3 league for basketball, is 7v7 pylon the next move for football?

KittyCat 09-21-2017 18:24

Lol ngfm trying to talk about nfl

WarBuddha 09-21-2017 20:29

Lol Hoyer

How many people are in that Stadium? 30k?

NoGodForMe 09-21-2017 21:05


Originally Posted by KittyCat (Post 18830742)
Lol ngfm trying to talk about nfl

Yep, forgot the Oriville is on Thursday night, watching now. That means I can get buzzed on Sunday and go to bed early.

HelenKeller 09-21-2017 21:10


GreyGhost 09-21-2017 21:47

might as well get buzzed ...

WarBuddha 09-21-2017 22:06

Alien transgender surgery episode of the Orville? Pass.

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