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GraphiX 09-08-2020 00:09

T.HANKS (@t.hanks) • Instagram photos and videos

SINep 09-08-2020 05:52

samUwell 09-08-2020 17:23

Fool 09-11-2020 22:50

Remember Goldberg from the Mighty Ducks? He's 230 days off meth!

SeVeReD 09-12-2020 00:02


Originally Posted by Fool (Post 19233069)

Remember Goldberg from the Mighty Ducks? He's 230 days off meth!

Well it looks like you can do meth at least once..

LawnDart 09-12-2020 00:44

nice fake chompers..better than brown snaggle teeth I guess.

Plasmatic 09-12-2020 02:33


ArakAtak 09-12-2020 02:57

yeah, that's not a meth mouth

Edofnor 09-12-2020 09:31

heavyweights was better than mighty ducks

Fool 09-12-2020 10:35

Cake eater

samUwell 09-12-2020 11:35

T-Dawg 09-16-2020 23:12

The Pumpkin King 09-22-2020 21:11

T-Dawg 09-25-2020 08:57

I laughed so hard I think I pooped a little.[

Fool 09-27-2020 01:12

ArakAtak 09-27-2020 07:47

holy **** :rofl:

Brasstax 09-27-2020 13:21

Tory Lanez apparently told Megan Thee Stallion (His GF ft in the WAP song) to "Dance" before shooting at her feet. He says she was *****ing at him for hanging with Kylie Jenner too much at a party. She received a couple of pretty decent wounds. So, while the girls sound pretty DOM on WAP, Tory just said "Dance, *****" and opened up with a 9. That will chill a ***** out.

JuggerNaught 09-27-2020 19:16

hoodrats bein hoodrats

Brasstax 09-27-2020 19:34

aaaaand - it's gone

Fool 09-27-2020 19:36

I figured it'd be Disney

havax 09-27-2020 20:05

well ****, i missed it.

gotta be quicker on the draw in today's big tech censoring world, i guess

Atreides 09-27-2020 21:45

reupload (while it lasts)

havax 09-28-2020 23:26

samUwell 09-29-2020 19:35

Zoo removes parrots from view after they kept swearing at visitors

Polly’s got a potty mouth.

A group of parrots at a UK zoo have been removed after repeating obscene language at visitors.

Lincolnshire Wildlife Park received the five African grey parrots back in August and quarantined them together in the same room, Lincolnshire Live reported. However, the close proximity seemed to have brought out the worst in the birds.

“But, just by coincidence, we took in five in the same week and because they were all quarantined together it meant that one room was just full of swearing birds,” chief executive officer Steve Nichols told the outlet, noting the park employees “always find it very comical when they do swear at you.”

“The more they swear the more you usually laugh which then triggers them to swear again,” he added.

After the brief quarantine, the birds were put out for view of guests, assuming the cussing would subside. Though “within 20 minutes” the birds were up to their old tricks.

“Literally within 20 minutes of being in the introductory, we were told that they had sworn at a customer, and for the next group of people, all sorts of obscenities came out,” Nichols told Lincolnshire Live.

Customers found the bird’s dirty language amusing, but park workers were concerned about children visitors and decided to move the birds out of view.
Hey lady, **** YOU!

Fool 09-29-2020 20:38

The possibility of someone being offended by a bird sums up 2020 culture.

The Pumpkin King 09-29-2020 21:33


Originally Posted by samUwell (Post 19239344)

Fool 10-03-2020 12:58

Gary Busey's looking kind of rough.

Skipperlipicus 10-12-2020 14:59

:lol: did not expect this from duke's library.

T-Dawg 10-12-2020 17:33

StapleMammal1 10-12-2020 17:35

stop posting holy ****

samUwell 10-12-2020 19:59

samUwell 10-12-2020 20:01

Plasmatic 10-12-2020 20:35

I tell you what

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samUwell 10-13-2020 13:03


Edofnor 10-13-2020 13:08

i wonder if that's a dood (train sexual or w/e u kno)

Fool 10-13-2020 14:02

It took 6 years of school to read a powerpoint to people?

Hellsfury 10-13-2020 14:10

"she" can move to the UK... I hear they are paying six figure salaries to teach white public employees and elected officials to hate themselves.

ArakAtak 10-14-2020 05:59

In 6 years someone can learn to design a bridge, create a vaccine, repair your clotted arteries or even write a wonderful novel (well maybe not that)

and these worthless ppl come out with this ****

Buk Naked 10-14-2020 10:06

Her next post is complaining about her $100k+ student debt

Hellsfury 10-14-2020 18:38

Score one for Common Core

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