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ScooBySnaCk 05-03-2020 20:48

samUwell 05-07-2020 10:59

The Pumpkin King 05-07-2020 12:22

Hahaha, nice.

Fool 05-07-2020 12:28

Still buying Crest, so it's not that effective.

Hellsfury 05-07-2020 12:58

Colgate: #1 Brand among mutants everywhere.

FiEND 05-07-2020 23:30

a woman with three arms or bigger hands is not a defect

ArakAtak 05-08-2020 09:15

I'm still pissed of that they removed triclosan from colgate :(
I like the stuff.
The new formula is disgusting, they have changed the whole feel/taste.

I found a whole heap of it in one of those places that sells the discontinued stuff so I'm good for a while. Not sure what I'm going to use after that runs out tho.

SINep 05-08-2020 21:24

SINep 05-08-2020 22:40

samUwell 05-11-2020 19:00

Several States Issue Orders Requiring People To Run Around In Giant Hamster Balls

U.S.***8212; Americans in several states are readily adopting new social distancing measures that will guarantee that no one ever gets sick again. California, New York, Michigan and Washington state legislatures have all issued new orders to their citizens to indefinitely don a plastic hamster ball whenever they decide to travel outside their home. The human-sized hamster balls are made to be impervious to all foreign particulate matter from the outside world including viruses, bacteria, and oxygen.

***8220;I guess if it keeps everybody safe, we have to accept the new normal,***8221; said Carol from Seattle, WA, as she attempted to climb into the hollow sphere and snap the plastic portal back into a tight seal so she could get over to the grocery store. When she reached her car she quickly realized that she could not open her car door, or indeed interact with her car at all in any way, so she began the 2 mile journey to the store with a carefully executed controlled roll down her driveway.

Amadeus 05-11-2020 19:06

haha safety is stupid amirite guys

JuggerNaught 05-11-2020 19:17

You don't even wear a condom when you're ****ing kids at the playground, why are you concerned about safety now

Amadeus 05-11-2020 19:21

bcuz the sooner quarantine is over, the sooner will those playgrounds reopen

****ing duh, use ur brain boomer

ScooBySnaCk 05-12-2020 20:29

The Pumpkin King 05-13-2020 00:41

That is so great.

FiEND 05-13-2020 03:25

fake. who asks specifically for a picture. who the **** wants one picture of a truck .. sigh

The Pumpkin King 05-13-2020 11:37

Something fake? On the internet?

Say it ain't so...

Zanthious 05-13-2020 16:25


Originally Posted by FiEND (Post 19194958)
fake. who asks specifically for a picture. who the **** wants one picture of a truck .. sigh

Hellsfury 05-13-2020 16:28

Karen sure is up early on a sunday.

Reggs 05-13-2020 16:54

A lot of the Oblivion NPC videos are really funny. Looking back Oblivion was just an odd feeling game. Everything about the world building as off. Creepy plastic alien people saying the most random ****.

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