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cheezit 04-08-2005 01:30

what poker sites have you played on.
i've hit a rut online and i've been playing about even for a week now sans the sitngoes which im doing terrible in. i figure i'll drop the sitngos and if i can play even i might as well make some money doing it so imma do some bonus whoring. i've got a lot of bonus codes for different sites and im wondering if there are any i should stay away from for any reason. im looking at paradise poker right now, their GRANNY code gets you 50% bonus up to 100 so imma throw 200 in there soon.

brettfavre 04-08-2005 03:14

if you would like to bonus whore, read this web site
i just started whoring recently, and it's been a good run

i've tried, paradise, absolute, interpoker, party
whoring pokerplex & empire at the moment

party & party skins are easiest (they are both 7x)
paradise is 10x, not too bad when you have full table (10 players)
absolute is 10x as well, its really hard to clear if you play .5/$1 limit, b/c their full table is 9 players, and their players are tight like rocks, i had to play omaha H/L, since it's alot easier to clear than in hold'em

interpoker and pokerplex both offer good bonus too
except their lowest is $1/$2 limit

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