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kesh 07-08-2008 14:30

what happened saturday

so far this trip sounds pretty lame, no offense

it sounds like you guys just went around manhattan, acted very retarded (lots of racist jokes, like in the museum, 'the three asian girls gave us mean looks and left') and pissed off anyone and everyone

was very dudes night out-ish

Glare 07-08-2008 14:31


Originally Posted by Vlasic (Post 13429782)
out of control drunks ARE douchebags.

that makes most of us d-bags then :-(

nigafool 07-08-2008 14:31

yea guys

you should have hung out in kesh's mom's basement and talked about meeting rayn for the first time

and then posted on tribalwar together

kesh 07-08-2008 14:32

i have room for everyone

MissJess 07-08-2008 14:32

I don't think anyone was out of control the night at the karaoke bar. Everyone seemed to be having fun. (except the bartender)

HeLLrAiSr 07-08-2008 14:32

glare knows how to boogie woogie

if by boogie woogie i mean flop around like a seizure victim

Hindsight 07-08-2008 14:32


dionysus 07-08-2008 14:33

Glare I'm coming to MO in november.

kesh 07-08-2008 14:33

kahula lays jew eggs


Glare 07-08-2008 14:33

sups i dont dance

Vlasic 07-08-2008 14:34


Originally Posted by Glare (Post 13429790)
that makes most of us d-bags then :-(

hehe, everyone's a douchebag every now and again

HeLLrAiSr 07-08-2008 14:34

back to the jar with you

Hindsight 07-08-2008 14:34

Ohhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhhhh bout to pull over and give you the business

Vlasic 07-08-2008 14:35


Originally Posted by HeLLrAiSr (Post 13429815)
back to the jar with you

no way im not going back in there. step off *****!

HeLLrAiSr 07-08-2008 14:35

its the jar or a sammich

you pick

Vlasic 07-08-2008 14:36

eat me!

naptown 07-08-2008 14:36

is it true you can't dance in bars in nyc

dionysus 07-08-2008 14:37

Only in hipster bars where dancing makes you a conformist.

HeLLrAiSr 07-08-2008 14:37

no, who the hell told you that

Vlasic 07-08-2008 14:37

new yorkers can't dance

kesh 07-08-2008 14:38

we pop & lock

HeLLrAiSr 07-08-2008 14:38

you shut your god damn mouth

and this is true


Originally Posted by kesh (Post 13429836)
we pop & lock

ask ayz and glare

Excel 07-08-2008 14:38

we also drop the freshest.

naptown 07-08-2008 14:43

i can't remember who told me that

i just heard that you couldn't dance in most nyc bars

HeLLrAiSr 07-08-2008 14:44

nah its just like anywhere else

Hindsight 07-08-2008 14:45

sendin this one out to my man killer b
there's a war goin on outside no man is safe from

kesh 07-08-2008 14:45

i don't go to bars to dance

isn't that what clubs are for ?

Falhawk 07-08-2008 14:47


Originally Posted by kesh (Post 13429863)
i don't go to bars to dance

isn't that what clubs are for ?

what a wonderfully awkward mental picture

HeLLrAiSr 07-08-2008 14:48

drop it

kesh 07-08-2008 14:48

put yo booty on the bar

SuckyPenny 07-08-2008 14:50

are there any group pictures?

Hindsight 07-08-2008 14:52

1970 sumthin nigga I don't sweat the date my mom was late

ayz 07-08-2008 14:55

Skibbi, Excel, MissJess, Fancy Cat, Fool, Akuma, Me, Glare

SuckyPenny 07-08-2008 14:57


HeLLrAiSr 07-08-2008 14:57

**** i took the picture i'm not in it

naptown 07-08-2008 15:01

can we get a monster zoom on missjess's disgusting face

9Millimeter 07-08-2008 15:02

if excel was more tan, i believe he and skibbi would be twins

HeLLrAiSr 07-08-2008 15:05

excels name is wheels now

Excel 07-08-2008 15:11

Whoa, whoa, why not stripes?

HeLLrAiSr 07-08-2008 15:12

that gay waiter at applebees called you stripes, you dont want to be stripes

wheels is way cooler

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