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Shopper47 02-01-2012 11:51

How to jump the gap in Voidstar

I never even thought of doing this :O

Die Hard 02-01-2012 12:08

Inquisitors and Consulars are not overpowered, the players are simply more skilled than other classes.

Fool 02-01-2012 13:05

He made a video to show people how to use force speed and then jump?

Shopper47 02-01-2012 13:37

Hah yeah admittedly his how-to is a little ridiculous, but the end result is pretty sweet.

PessimiStick 02-01-2012 14:34

Never occured to me to try that, but I'll definitely be abusing it from here on out.

Ickz 02-01-2012 18:11

I don't think anyone thought of doing this earlier, because it was just assumed that the developer wasn't horrible and wouldn't allow something broken like that to be in the game. Oh, right... Bioware.

PessimiStick 02-01-2012 18:22

^ pretty much.

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