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Sir Lucius 03-24-2003 02:24

Tribes Fan Art?
Yeah, I know it's really dorky, but it might be a cool triblwar section to have.

Showcase Tribes pics and stuff people draw for no reason other than to up the content of tribalwar's media. I don't know if there is a big enough demand for this even, but it could be fun to try.

Couldn't hurt right?

Colosus 03-24-2003 03:18

I'll do it if you start it off Lucius.

R@ND0M 03-24-2003 03:21

I wish I had a scanner, I could start sketching again >:\

Sir Lucius 03-24-2003 03:40

I've got tons of stock art you've already seen colosus. Ben reed too. You've got a base for it. (where's the t3 weapon discussion thread?)

Ok not tons, but some..

I can round up some of the other tw artists, and we can work up a base, then you can just openly ask for fanart submissions :]

Point of intert tho, what would you accept concerning content? Only high effort work? B/c then think like the kfc fatty I would axe and maybe that pencil sketch. It's hard for me to say b/c that's personal opinon (I don't think I put in as much effort as I could that is). But then others might feel differntly about their own work and I wouldn't want to leave them out. And then those ski schematics and armors aren't really true art, but more like fake design.

To tell the truth I would probably only submit the last two wallpaper ones I have. But I'll work on more stuff too -- I think it would be a pretty fun site section to browse.

Don't ask me to determine what is and isn't art tho ;)

TerroX 03-24-2003 04:12

3D rendering, excuse all the words on it, just a giant ad really.

i made this model too

GiftOfTheGame 03-24-2003 20:41

i wouldnt consider some screenshots artwork

TerroX 03-24-2003 20:48

I made the models. I will remove the 4 wheeled tank and 7 man flyer APC then.

Beren 03-24-2003 21:37


Originally Posted by Sir Lucius

nice work.

Sir Lucius 03-24-2003 21:39

You're an admin Beren...I'm almost POSITIVE that if we add this section you'll get submissions. You could even kill the spotlight SS and put it there or something :]

I would do it like the demos section format so people can make comment on individual pics or something (maybe)

PyroTeknik 03-24-2003 21:45

Pretty much all of my comics :o
Don't have enough bandwidth to post them though :(

Only one I have handy is the goatse turret.

(Linked due to limited bandwidth).

I also have some older shiznit but I'm too ashamed to show that garbage.

Oh wait, I also found this one, which was for a t-shirt;

Colosus 03-24-2003 21:51

Pyro: You have a hosted site on TW. Why not just use that space? And you need to make comics again. ;-)

Lucius: PM me in IRC with all your ideas and I'll get Yogi started on the coding.

PyroTeknik 03-24-2003 22:23

You mean my ftp account is still working?

Holy ****.

Beren 03-25-2003 05:40


Originally Posted by PyroTeknik
You mean my ftp account is still working?

Holy ****.

duh.. and damnit make more comics.

Yaason 03-25-2003 18:28

mine suck compared to lucius's

Sir Lucius 03-25-2003 18:38


Originally Posted by Yaason
mine suck compared to lucius's

**** you, you're probably a better artist than me anyways so just make some ****ing fan art >:| (when the section goes up)

Yaason 03-25-2003 18:45

no.... i si suck

Sir Lucius 03-25-2003 18:49

I don't think you suck...I think you just need to whore yourself out a little bit more :]

Yaason 03-25-2003 18:59

i addmit, it could be better but it was late and i didnt want to do anymore. see how bad it is?

Yaason 03-25-2003 22:16

told ya i suck

Sir Lucius 03-25-2003 22:28

:lol: it's cool, you'll get better.

Chk out some of the tutorials here: they've got some good stuff :]

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