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The Magical Zoo 05-18-2017 13:05

Star Trek: Discovery & Orville Trailers
Two new Trek shows coming out. Discovery looks like absolute ass, Orville looks good though lol

NoGodForMe 05-18-2017 13:14

Regarding Discovery, Females in charge, check.
More black people in key roles, check.
Orville does look funny.

Since I cut the cord, I turn on WBFS every night at 8pm and they run the original star trek series which I watch. At 9pm is Next Generation, then Deep Space 9. I don't care to watch either of those. That's basically my TV viewing these days. Star Trek for an hour, fire up Kodi if any good sports are on, local news on FOX at 10pm, go to bed.

Edofnor 05-18-2017 13:22

idk i have mixed feelings w/ seth macfarlane doing the live acting hopefully it's as good as his cartoons ~god bless~

Kerosene31 05-18-2017 13:23

MacFarlane gets a little old, but Orville looks funny.

Edofnor 05-18-2017 13:24


MadHatSam 05-18-2017 13:26

Yeah, Orville could be good but I kinda loathe Seth McFarlane.

Discovery looks like it will be bad, this makes me sad.

Fool 05-18-2017 13:31

Jason Isaacs is the main captain in Discovery and he's not even in the trailer?

[MD5]Hash 05-18-2017 13:35

I love that the term that will forever be associated with that Star Trek film will be "STD", because that's what I feel like I've picked up having watched that trailer.

Edofnor 05-18-2017 13:44

lol gg

G-Force 05-18-2017 14:13

Greedo909 05-18-2017 14:30

is norm macdonald the alien he steps on @1:14?

G-Force 05-18-2017 14:34

Hellsfury 05-18-2017 14:50

A young, aspiring black woman being mentored by an older, accomplished matriarch as they step off into a Mother-Daughter adventure to save the universe.

That's the vibe I got from watching that trailer.

Is it also just a coincidence that this appears within earshot of Mothers Day?

Edofnor 05-18-2017 17:16


Originally Posted by Greedo909 (Post 18768445)
is norm macdonald the alien he steps on @1:14?


Got Haggis? 05-18-2017 17:34

orville looks dumb as ****

you guys really found that trailer funny?

Danno 05-18-2017 17:52

Star Trek Discovery looks like Star Trek minus the **** that is supposed to make you think.

Hellsfury 05-18-2017 17:54

Yeah, that thinking stuff ruins good science fiction. Bleh!

Got Haggis? 05-18-2017 18:05

yeah, discovery looks like the new movies basically

Ixiterra 05-18-2017 18:27

discovery will be 4 seasons because even complete **** star trek lasts 4 seasons
orville looks like 1 and done, there wasn't an original joke in that trailer.. except in space!! lol

Danno 05-18-2017 18:48

Orville looked like it had some great production value. I'm sure the cost of that won't come back and bite them in the ass.

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