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nSpectre 09-04-2003 21:49

J. Daspin III of Flame4Cash fame has officially screwed the pooch
So, Mr. Jeremy Daspin III of Goatse fame has decided to take it to the next level.

Leaving work today, I drove out of the parking structure and to a local 7-11 a few blocks away. With the engine still running I pop open the door and pause as the radio finishes up a news story.

Suddenly I hear, "Are you Troy?" and up walks Jeremy with a little blonde chick. She has a disposable camera and starts taking pix. He then says, "Is this yours?" and whips out the nice little treasure I delivered to his house. Trying not to bust out laughing I say, "Yep". He then leans into my car, gets within two inches of my face and begins yelling,

"What the **** man! I should kick your ass! You come to my house with this ****! Get out of the car. I'll give you two free shots and then I'm going beat the **** out of you. I'm going to kick your ass. Get out of the car."

At that I put the car in neutral and revved the engine. He instinctively started to step away from the open door, then thought differently and stepped back to block it again. I put the car in reverse and at a normal speed began to back up, pushing him with the door. He moved out of the way, I stopped with car and closed the door, smiled bye-bye and proceeded to exit the parking lot. Jeremy ran after the car screaming, "Get out of the car! GET OUT OF THE CAR!" and then kicked the rear quarter-panel as I tootled on my way.


So, this could get interesting. Now that he's officially tracked me down, waited outside of my place of business for who knows how long, tailed me to another location and then assaulted me with threats of bodily harm I have just about everything I need to really rock his world.

We'll see what he does next.


veorx 09-04-2003 21:50

soo what are you going to do

aScotiA 09-04-2003 21:50

what a dumbass

BigWorm 09-04-2003 21:51


nigafool 09-04-2003 21:51

For least amount of fun you can just get a restraining order.

DMAUL 09-04-2003 21:51


-MT-Stealth 09-04-2003 21:52

1st page

Polus 09-04-2003 21:52


MaD_ReBeL 09-04-2003 21:52

2 free shots?

why didnt you get out and kick his ass? act like your going to punch him and elbow him right in the jaw.

100 bucks says even if you're a puss and cant bench 100 punds youll still knock him out.

BigWorm 09-04-2003 21:52

How did he track you down?

Diablo Escobar 09-04-2003 21:52

reserved in this legendary thread

p.s. you shoulda acted like you'd ****ed the chick

HomelessMute 09-04-2003 21:53

1st page

CxD 09-04-2003 21:54

wtf i want on first page

btw get a restraining order


nSpectre 09-04-2003 21:54


Originally Posted by GigaFool
For least amount of fun you can just get a restraining order.

shhhhhh... that's the plan. If I see hide or hair of him again, I am. That'll set the stage for the next act. Putting his butt in jail. I not doing it now, though, since he doesn't have my home address and an RO would give that away.


OptimaPoint 09-04-2003 21:54

ExCLusIVe fRont pAge.

veorx 09-04-2003 21:55

wtf dont use the law

wait outside his house and smash his ****

SarcaStick 09-04-2003 21:55


Vance 09-04-2003 21:55

1st pageee

blackie420rx 09-04-2003 21:55

****ty NSpectre.
The funniest thing I find about this is that he had his little ***** taking pictures, which then can be subpoena'd and used for evidence AGAINST him!

This guy really is one sharp cookie.


aScotiA 09-04-2003 21:55

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