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HelenKeller 09-20-2017 11:39

[NBA] 2017-2018 Regular Season

1teaminlondon 09-20-2017 12:57

hk u wanna do $10 buyin for fantasy this year

if ne1 else does post somethin ill pm

HelenKeller 09-20-2017 13:01

i could be interested as long as there's some decent activity and there aren't any queer scoring systems

cancer 09-20-2017 15:31

-160 for the gsw is a steal

cancer 09-22-2017 16:34

r we doin this fantasy bball league or wat

1teaminlondon 09-22-2017 17:20

we're gona do fantasy the question is whether or not we're gona make it $10 entry

copa said he wants h2h categories which i'm not really a fan of since some juggernaught team can jump out to like a 20 cat lead in 3-4 weeks. i prefer the cats where its just 1 win per week decided in a category matchup. HK apparently cares about the scoring type too

aside from that we would need all 5 ppl from TW to sign up, i could get 4 more, and we'd still be 1+ person short. so wed have to open it up to randoms

cancer 09-22-2017 19:28

9 cat h2h wins only

**** whatever copa says

why are there only 5 ppl left on TW that play fantasy bball wtf

KittyCat 09-22-2017 19:56

Bulls finally decided to tank thank goodness I was miserable the last 3 years

Rockets and Celtics will be fun!

1teaminlondon 09-22-2017 20:02

i got 5 from TW willing to pay 10 bux

running another standard fantasy like we have the last 3-4 seasons aint a problem, but half the league always ends up afk

KittyCat 09-22-2017 20:05

Like me lol

1teaminlondon 09-22-2017 20:09


KittyCat 09-22-2017 20:12

<3 fufu

KittyCat 09-22-2017 20:13

I think clippers should be ranked down more they gonna suck it bad this year tbh

Celtics 76ers and heat should be higher

Pelicans a bit higher I think they eventually mesh more

HelenKeller 09-23-2017 12:01


The Knicks hope to complete a trade sending Carmelo Anthony to either OKC or Cleveland by Monday, according to NBA reporter David Aldridge.

A deal with OKC would almost certainly include Enes Kanter to make the salaries match. Regarding a possible trade with the Cavs, the Knicks reportedly want Tristan Thompson but Cleveland has not been willing to include him in the deal. Aldridge also notes that Portland has tried to engage in trade talks, but "the Knicks have not been interested in the Blazers***8217; offers, which have included young vets like Maurice Harkless and Evan Turner." Stay tuned, as we may finally have a resolution to the melodrama this weekend.

aScotiA 09-23-2017 12:10

Celtics r gonna win the super cup

savage inuit 09-23-2017 13:36

Spurs ranked 3rd gtfo harden and your gay ****in beard

KittyCat 09-23-2017 13:40

Melo lol

KittyCat 09-23-2017 13:43

Melo to thunder wow solid team there now even if melo doesn't mesh right it will be fun to see him and Paul gorge and Westbrook

Lol I feel all 3 are ball dominate players tho I don't think it works out

HelenKeller 09-23-2017 13:44


The Knicks have agreed to trade Carmelo Anthony to Oklahoma City in exchange for Enes Kanter, Doug McDermott and a draft pick, according to ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski.

The pick headed to New York is the Bulls 2018 second-rounder. The Knicks are obviously giving up the best player in the deal without getting back anything close to equal value, but their leverage was limited by the fact that Melo had a no-trade clause. It will be fascinating to see how Anthony fits in alongside Russell Westbrook and Paul George in OKC. All three players finished within the top-20 overall in Usage Rate last season and will now be forced to make sacrifices on the offensive end. Melo won't be able to match the numbers he posted as the focal point in New York.

The Knicks acquiring Kanter is about as Knicks as it gets. Lack of defense aside, Kanter finds himself in a big spot to produce offense for a team that lacks perimeter scoring, and he should be asked to post up a bunch on his new team. Kanter saw a hefty 4.7 usage rate bump when he wasn't with Russell Westbrook last season, so he should have ample opportunity to score in the teens. While he won't do much outside of score and hit the glass, Kanter finds himself back on the map in the later rounds.

KittyCat 09-23-2017 13:48

Fufu and hk analysis?

Wow Knicks and bulls FINALLY tanking

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