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Neolight 06-18-2016 16:05

my pubic hair
this is a bid please post price thanks

gambit1983 06-18-2016 20:30

pay me $2500 and then i sue you for sexual harassment

[meph] still plays 06-19-2016 14:19

i'll pube swap if my inspector gives the ok

StapleMammal1 06-22-2016 17:17

I'll give you tree fiddy cause I shave mine.

Now my cooter is cold.

[meph] still plays 06-22-2016 17:41

no i will only accept isaac hayes pubes

go exhume

Plasmatic 06-23-2016 05:18

With or without installation?

[meph] still plays 06-24-2016 14:55

trick question: isaac hayes pubes are like jon carpenter's the Thing

they have mind of their own: just attach to ur pubes and then ur sentience is over u r but a cycle in xenu's pube game

^^ some of this actually makes sense if you are on top of 80s movies and isaac hayes' former spiritual beliefs

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