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Fool 02-01-2013 15:28

CapnPyro 02-01-2013 15:37

chewbacca forget to pull his head back inside before hitting light speed

PyroTeknik 02-01-2013 15:44

That's a pretty cool picture.

Special---K 02-01-2013 16:40

samuelk 02-01-2013 17:29

spockhammer 02-01-2013 19:02

Special---K 02-01-2013 19:05

lol boobs

[MD5]Hash 02-01-2013 20:31


Originally Posted by Fool (Post 17558648)
Is that the Weasleys?

Or the Irish cast of Village of the Damned.

|R|u|s|t|y| 02-01-2013 20:37


Originally Posted by Dare (Post 17562011)
*dumb *****

Link to vid?

Apathy 02-01-2013 21:01

**** off dave.

|R|u|s|t|y| 02-01-2013 21:08


Travace 02-01-2013 23:36

got me a six pack finally.

Reggs 02-01-2013 23:38


Originally Posted by Travace (Post 17562336)
got me a six pack finally.

Weren't you skinny 10 years ago? How can it be that hard?

Travace 02-01-2013 23:48


Originally Posted by Reggs (Post 17562340)
Weren't you skinny 10 years ago? How can it be that hard?

i was maybe 185 at the least, when i was young i was skinny, then i got burnt and it ****ed with my motabolizum and i got chubby/fat. around high school i worked out skated and got in shape but was never skinny. I am prolly in better shape now then i have ever been in my life, i could use some better cardio and i need to loose more fat in the mid section but the upper body is coming along.

i dont know what to say but yes it is that hard, its not like when you are 21. i am 35 and at the start of last summer i was 258 lbs of sit around and couch ride too much. Now im 192 and i can ride a dirtbike 100+ miles, I Just started a stricter exercise regimen tho. i will hike mountains 2 times a week, jog once a week and ride my dirtbike 1-2 times a week. all in preparation for
working on the diet but my wife is evil and always brings in tasty stuff... like these damm girl scout cookies which i ate 2 of today

MiNiOn 02-02-2013 00:18

So you're dirt-biking it to stregas it looks like...

spockhammer 02-02-2013 04:41

havax 02-02-2013 04:44


crimedog 02-02-2013 04:46


samuelk 02-02-2013 18:04


Amadeus 02-02-2013 18:52


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