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sehvi 03-06-2011 19:16


nigafool 03-06-2011 19:22





Spiderman 03-06-2011 19:24


Originally Posted by Dark Volcanic (Post 16253267)
it is, but not because of the coursework, but because of the course load.
Imagine taking 24 credit hours every semester for two years.
Thats pretty much what fullsail does. You're there pretty much 60 hours a week depending on what you're taking.

e: I know this because when I was looking into colleges in HS, I still really wanted to be a game programmer. I looked into FS and they have an open house that plays up that kind of naivete that somebody at that age would have. In the end though, a talk with the CS department head at UCF put it in incredible perspective to me, "Full Sail will give you the tools and parts to build a car. A CS degree will give you the tools and ability to not only build any car, but design it yourself." Pretty good analogy I think.

Ummm I did that in law school why prosecuting and working as a research assistant part time ... that's nothing tbh

ask any resident TW with a hard science degree / med school / law school they'll tell what a joke it is to flaunt a for profit video game school as some sort of academic achievement

zorro 03-06-2011 20:00


Originally Posted by sehvi (Post 16253591)

Val's new theme ssong

cyclozine 03-06-2011 20:10


Originally Posted by Validuz (Post 14181602)

Originally Posted by cyclozine (Post 14181548)

Originally Posted by Validuz (Post 14181537)
You think I was laughing at the fact of the fire existing in the first place? lol. Try again.

I'd suggest reading into some structural engineering and how buildings are designed.

i'd love to hear what kind of structural engineering background validuz has :rofl:

guys i watched a youtube video and i'm an expert on controlled demolition

:rofl: More than one degree! Unpossible!1

I mean, when you get out of high school, and for a second that thought passes your mind that you might want to actually do something with your life, you MIGHT consider college. This sounds weird, but sometimes people go to college, get a degree, then continue afterwards and get a MS or PhD. Sometimes they even decide that they want a different career and get a second degree.

You won't have to worry about any of that. I'm sure your mommy and daddy will continue to support your loser ass.

what do i win? val stops posting? i'll take the $10 instead

JoMo 03-06-2011 20:13


Originally Posted by cyclozine (Post 16253684)
what do i win? val stops posting? i'll take the $10 instead

nothing because I don't see your point.

buize 03-06-2011 20:18

and im stuck or something , cumming on validuz , full sail university , hill rage , piece of **** hill , validerp , validurrr , validuz = idiot

Mogs 03-06-2011 20:43

time for validuz to make a tactical withdrawal from this thread and let it blow over

LogRoller 03-06-2011 21:04

well we are hiring engineers right now pm me resumes

ScooBySnaCk 03-06-2011 21:13

whats fullsail u anyway?

Xcursion 03-06-2011 21:15

A place you'd be an expert seeing as how you're always three sheets to the wind.

ScooBySnaCk 03-06-2011 21:17

mighty covert of you candian

Al'Muktar 03-06-2011 21:29


Originally Posted by ScooBySnaCk (Post 16253756)
whats fullsail u anyway?

you want a degree?

got $100k?

want to work like a ***** for a year?

boom theres a degree

ScooBySnaCk 03-06-2011 21:30

isnt like Phoenix or whatever like half that? At least what im semi hearing on the radio

Dweasel 03-06-2011 22:36


Originally Posted by Spiderman (Post 16252918)

that and jomo the fiscal conservative is receiving government assistance

"Po" JoMo, ..... remember, he is taking care of his disabled Dad.
No easy task, and he just can't do things.

From experience: the world seems to be passing "you" by. :shock:

Dweasel 03-06-2011 22:37


Originally Posted by FngrBANG (Post 16252992)
His freshman term was the hardest 9 years of validuz's life

:rofl: :picard: :lol:

Dweasel 03-06-2011 23:00


Originally Posted by Pagy (Post 16253255)

:idea: Sanitation engineer? :lol:

Data 03-07-2011 00:08

Full Sail is a private technical college that hands out degrees in media studies (film, sound design, game design, etc) for roughly 3x the tuition of Harvard. They are nationally accredited, but not regionally accredited like most real universities.

They are located in Winter Park, FL.

dibs 03-07-2011 00:09

god my dick is so ****ing hard right now i cant even think straight

Data 03-07-2011 00:12

It's like if ITT Tech suddenly decided it wanted to be Ivy League without any of the credentials or curriculum to back it up.

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