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NoFiX 03-07-2011 13:40

dude's got a nasty mole on his neck, too. gross.

Rooster! 03-07-2011 13:48

Lol @ HK

dementia 03-07-2011 14:49

waiting by the phone for the girls to not call

ha ha ha

Validuz 03-07-2011 14:56


Originally Posted by zorro (Post 16254832)
that's gotta be at LEAST a 900 mhz cordless phone

Whoa, hey now, that was the **** back then! I think it was 2.4GHz though.


Originally Posted by NoFiX (Post 16254845)
Val doesn't know this yet, but you need a keyboard to get off the hill.

(It's the white thing at the bottom of the pic.)


Originally Posted by Vanster (Post 16254262)
Disposition for proper aesthetics?

wtf job requires that? Maybe I'll start a list of jobs that would require such a disposition. I'm doing what I feel I must.

You do that :)


Originally Posted by LogRoller (Post 16254306)
not getting trolled, huh?

Nope. I respond because I like responding. If I get bored, I'll move on. Are you being trolled?

FOURSTAR 03-07-2011 15:00

don't u all get it

HelenKeller 03-07-2011 15:01

val is a master debater

ChewSpitt 03-07-2011 15:07

inkja 03-07-2011 15:39

In my experience people who reply with vague bull**** answers regarding their job usually aren't happy with what they do or think it is something embarrassing.

Same applies with someone's education.

spockhammer 03-07-2011 15:58


Originally Posted by Amadeus (Post 16254536)
StackOverflow is a programming Q&A site where you get rep for questions/answers that others have upvoted

and I don't brag about it, I made one thread yesterday and I called myself a nerd in the OP

on the other hand, opsayo is mad because he had to wait 10 years until he could declare himself king of tribes, because it took that long for everyone better than him to quit playing

this thread is gay and the only thing i got out of it were hellenkeller and isuk@tribes gold posts

however i gotta say, opsayo is very very very very good at t1 for his ping and many people enjoy playing the game simply to compete against him and with (im one of these people and many people that were farrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr rr better at t1 than u ever were are in this group too)

we play with ie-natural a lot and i hope slut and slam come back and play a few rounds

u on the other hand not so much

u have posted in tribes talk for the last 3 or 4 years saying solely that tribes is dead

i am not sure y u are even allowed in this community

it's a about a video game we all shared and loved isnt it or am i missing the point here?

not sure if validuz played the tribes series or not but i really wish more ppl would play t1....

amadeus i have seen u hof and ho before, and even with ur euro ping u could still play a great game if u put ur mind into it

many euros still play t1 today

y dont u join storksoofly's tribes tournament on the euro team?

FOURSTAR 03-07-2011 16:00

who the fuk is this clown?

spockhammer 03-07-2011 16:03

hi i play as dare on t1 and dislike posting on tw cuz its filled with trolls

u can catch me late at night playing mafia in #mafia

i have a few friends on tw and other than that rest suck

spockhammer 03-07-2011 16:04

Join Date
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Amadeus 03-07-2011 16:08


Originally Posted by FOURSTAR (Post 16255123)
who the fuk is this clown?

it's Dare of "I'm going to have a meltdown and abuse my mod powers by causing irrepairable damage to Tribes Talk because I'm a little *****" fame

Data 03-07-2011 16:09


Originally Posted by ChewSpitt (Post 16255036)

****ing hell...

This really caught me off guard. :lol:

spockhammer 03-07-2011 16:09

drg0n and cyanide made a tribes team and they have a match vs me and sn0w's team, team l0st sands of time!

our leader LoSt_SandZ

he is afk with irl bizness so we are trying to do the best we can with what we got!

FOURSTAR 03-07-2011 16:09

i thought he was gigantic ******

spockhammer 03-07-2011 16:10


Originally Posted by Amadeus (Post 16255143)
it's Dare of "I'm going to have a meltdown and abuse my mod powers by causing irrepairable damage to Tribes Talk because I'm a little *****" fame

i killed tribes its true?

spockhammer 03-07-2011 16:11

amadeus r u a black e-knight or a blue one????

spockhammer 03-07-2011 16:12

amadeus where is ur contributor tag?????????????????????

spockhammer 03-07-2011 16:12

amadeus amadeus amadeus

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