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Ender 06-19-2005 07:26

Looking for a good bunch of guys to call home?

Are you up for the challenge?

TheArtofWarfare, aka TAW is always recruiting members for more than 15 Official divisions(games) and basically any unofficial game our members want to play. We have 800+ members with a goal of 1005 in 2005. Our BF Division alone is 50+ strong.

Our BF division is currently deployed in Desert Combat Final, engaging in intense training for BF2. You will not see nonsense on our servers. It is closely monitored. What you will find is a mature, polite and clean bunch of guys who love to game and are working very hard to be the best.

Visit to fill out an Application so we have you on record. This method of contact will guarantee you are contacted ASAP. It is not unusual to go from application to full member in one day. We are not slackers.

Have a nice day and see you soon

update: we promise to scrim TWFame.


LogRoller 06-19-2005 12:11

You care way too much about the number of sub forums on this site. Your sig suggests that EA's server policy is commensurate with the Nazi war machine and the Holocaust. Everything about this venture screams "unproductive drama" to me.

JodoFett 06-19-2005 16:47

When you say commensurate it gets me all hot and bothered.

Ender 06-19-2005 19:42

I am .


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