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Elantri_X 02-26-2013 12:46

Skeleton XP/Item Farmer
In my quest for diamonds, I found something better, I've found 2 spider spawners and started to build a xp farm (after getting raped a few times by the poisonous spiders, but got those suckers lit up).

then went around it to light the other tunnels and found...

1 skeleton spawner, another spider spawner and 1 zombie spawner all very close to each other all at about 30 blocks below sea level so plenty of space downwards.

I didn't search very far, so I'm sure there is more.

I was always looking for a skeleton spawner closer to the surface, but found a lot more then I've bargained for, so anyone wants a spider or zombie spawner, let me know in this thread.

Elantri_X 03-01-2013 07:38

I've built a skeleton xp farm under warp elan_xp_farm, but the spider spawner is too close and it's full of spiders, and they fit through 1x1 space wtf...

back to the drawing board.

Elantri_X 03-04-2013 07:47

The Minecraft forum and server seem pretty dead, hopefully this may spark someones interest.

I've built the Skeleton XP/Item farmer, all you need to do is switch it on, wait for the skeletons to drop and hit them once with anything.

I've estimated 5 mobs a minute (25 XP), 300 mobs an hour (1500 XP), so you can easily get to level 30 in an hour in 4 hours, you'd be able to enchant all your armor at the max.
Started my baby up... added a switch to allow me to work around it without it building an absolutely insane amount of skeletons, also helps in being able to go into the spawner without having to fight through endless skeletons.
The mob spawner an 9x9x5 room, ALTHOUGH, the spider spawner that's right next to it made me either remove the spawner or cut out the skeleton spawner room, i've opted into leaving it as I may want to somehow incorporate the two spawners in the future.
As I was saying, these guys are a pain to work, enchanted diamond doesn't do anything as their poison quickly takes away hearts, they climb through the smallest holes, clog up the farm and the sound gives me the chills, these guy are terrifying and thankfully haven't seen a single one after sacrificing a part of the mob trap to prevent spiders spawning in it.
As you can see, it's not perfectly 9x9, but i've removed as much as I possibly can, although if the spiders need 2x2 space to spawn, I might be able to reduce it by another block.

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