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Mogs 06-30-2012 12:26

alliance tournament x
these used to garner a lot of interest from the dudes in FREEE so i figured i'd post something here as a reminder

this year's qualification 6v6 rounds started today so its just shoutcasting of the matches and no studio stuff until next week.

Watch Live - The Alliance Tournament X

the stream is of decent quality without hiccups around w/ 10k dudes watching so far.

SuperNova 06-30-2012 19:13

i watched this today and it intrigued me, so im downloading eve atm and gonna check it out a bit more indepth than i did last time i think

triple 07-01-2012 14:56

eve is neat

don't stay in hisec

SuperNova 07-01-2012 15:03

whats hisec, pretty muhc a total noob when it comes to this game

Mogs 07-01-2012 15:17

eve solar systems will have a number attached to them
1.0 to 0.6 is highest security status and means that its mostly safe from pvp.
0.4 to 0.1 is lowsec meaning you can get pvp but with restrictions
0.0 is no rules and where all the action is at

SuperNova 07-01-2012 15:22

yeah i wont be messin with lowsec for a while heh

Mogs 07-01-2012 15:47

what triple is saying is that you should go to 0.0 asap because the rest of eve is absolute ****

triple 07-01-2012 17:04

you should be in nullsec as soon as you're done with the tutorials

also, i just lost 330m isk on ****ing TEST

Snagulpus 07-02-2012 11:18

Why would you bet on test?

Vlasic 07-02-2012 14:49

hey snag i finally killed FREEE

travelyan 07-02-2012 16:57

last night i lost about half a billion isk in just under thirty seconds, it's not the first time, but probably the last time, cause i can't deal with this un-fun **** anymore... punching myself in the balls repeatedly would be more fun

Snagulpus 07-02-2012 19:55

I thought you just left... Did you hit the nuke button or is verite building a carenear empire?

ViRGE 07-02-2012 22:00


Originally Posted by Snagulpus (Post 17251190)
I thought you just left... Did you hit the nuke button or is verite building a carenear empire?

I wouldn't build a carebear empire out of FREEE. That just wouldn't be right. Instead we're just closing it down entirely.

triple 07-02-2012 22:42


Originally Posted by Snagulpus (Post 17250357)
Why would you bet on test?

because im stupid.

they even said they were going to throw the match in mumble, lolz.

Snagulpus 07-03-2012 12:19

Sadface..... Give it to stu and send him to FW

BEAST420 07-04-2012 23:41

wat wat wat freee is closed? :(

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