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Rockstar Psy 01-07-2014 20:02

Need Opinions on Song!!
Hey Lovers!

Been working on this new song, I am not crazy about my chorus or bridge, I would like to see what others think about it. Before you listen a few things -

1. It is not mixed
2. I am a newb guitarist & just use it for backing / ideas, I am a pianist!
3. dont mind how sloppy it is, thanks!
Chorus is at 1:30 of the song, my verses are badass though!
Enjoy -

Here is another song I am almost done working on, still need to redo the bass, mix more and probably redo some guitars, I am really proud of this one -

Thanks guys!:roller:

old_skul 01-13-2014 15:26

Cool stuff man. You have a future in the Trans Siberian Orchestra, maybe.

The kick drum in both of those lacks power. Lots of click in there, not much body. You can EQ a lot more out of it.

You also seem to be a huge fan of pads, which, when you stack them like that, tend to overpower everything else in the track. Don't be afraid to use a melody consisting of the notes in a chord with a short decay instead of a pad. Same difference, more room in the mix.

Lastly, keep plugging away on that guitar :) Mix up the rhythm some, don't always chug quarters.

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