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d0ggy 09-15-2009 21:16

Official [Aion] TW guild - Blood Eagle

blah 09-15-2009 21:48

So which official thread is the official official thread?

d0ggy 09-15-2009 21:50

That was kinda dick, this was moved outta the general discussion.

d0ggy 09-15-2009 21:51

Wait it wasnt, wtf did i do.

d0ggy 09-15-2009 21:51

I gone done ****ed it up with an edit or something. whatever, you get the idea.

blah 09-15-2009 21:54

I'm an *******, not a dick, and I'll thank you for remembering that.

Arjay 09-15-2009 22:02

i wish you great success

blah 09-15-2009 22:08


Originally Posted by Arjay (Post 14901782)
i wish you great success

... and by 'wish you great success' he means ...

Arjay 09-15-2009 23:17

maybe there isn't any hidden meaning in that post dickface. did you ever think of that?

Arjay 09-15-2009 23:19

but you're right of course. this will end in masturbation and tears, just like every other TW guild

Mangle-Me-Elmo 09-16-2009 00:14

i'm like the 3rd most active poster in this subforum

Arjay 09-16-2009 00:39

I nominate mmelmo as a moderator

d0ggy 09-16-2009 01:23

I nominate mme's in game money for guild creation.

Just kidding, I have no problem fronting for a guild if we get more then 3 guys :P

d0ggy 09-17-2009 01:31

I edited first post, i did not see siel was a west coast server. Zikel is the new server.

Arjay 09-17-2009 02:11

they are all located in the DC area. the only thing west coast about Siel is the server time

Mooley 09-17-2009 17:45

Make up my freaking mind.

Zikel was already decided for me. Glad you could join me though my friends and I will be playing Elyos since everyone and their freaking brother is going for Asmodian.

PhoE 09-17-2009 19:33

An interesting little fact about zikel for those of you who were in blood eagle during Warhammers opening month or two. Grudge is also rolling asmodian on Zikel, weren't they one of the only competetive Order guilds on the original server?

Zikel seems like it's going to be a good choice.

Mael 09-17-2009 19:40

I joined Grudge when they moved to REM on WH.

We are most likely rolling asmo on zikel.

Kind of tossing around the idea of doing Teriel instead, but that will only happen if members get queue lines trying to create accounts tomorrow.

Tekno 09-17-2009 20:03

i'd rather join some guild that happen to have some tdubs rather then start our own tw guild in all honesty :X

d0ggy 09-17-2009 20:09


Originally Posted by Tekno (Post 14907724)
i'd rather join some guild that happen to have some tdubs rather then start our own tw guild in all honesty :X

Doesn't look like many people will be playing from TW. I wont be creating a guild if we don't have a better turnout, so do what you want.

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